Cuenca Destination, summer camp run by the English Tutorial Center with guaranteed learning and fun

Cuenca Destination, summer camp run by the English Tutorial Center with guaranteed learning and fun

The phenomenon of the summer camp for children and adolescents in Spain is based on a greater understanding of its benefits. Children develop more independence, become more social and learn to love nature.

The advantages increase when learning English is involved. Sayda Cortez, director of the English Tutorial Center, an institution specialized in these dynamics, knows a lot about the positive aspects of this type of experience. This specialist assures that when an open, informal, natural and cheerful environment is combined with learning a language, the process is much better assimilated.

Advantages of an English summer camp

Global pedagogy experts agree on the many benefits of learning English at an early age. Children develop more empathy with the language and better cognitive skillsamong which creativity, memory and logic can be named. This will result in better academic performance, says Sayda Cortez.

Those are the reasons why the English Tutorial Center has designed 100% immersive programs with game activities, coexistence, Workshops and sports. The routines are inspired by the camps that take place in the United States and seek to foster friendships and skills multitask of the students.

The institution has highly qualified bilingual monitors to work with children and young people between the ages of 7 and 16. The setting is the Hotel Cueva del Fraile in Cuenca, where, depending on the chosen program, the children will be in periods of 7 or 15 days.

Games for all ages

Sayda Cortez asserts that the secret for a camp to fulfill its mission is the activities that are carried out. Children and young people need to be in action to capture their interest and not get bored. Thus, English Tutorial Center has designed sessions that include two hours of English a day.

The center divides the students into groups according to their ages and then designs game routines adapted to each team. There are group games, individual games and some night games. Likewise, children have free time to develop activities of their choice. Landscape and cultural excursions, film activities and craft workshops also have their space.

The director of the English Tutorial Center recalled that as it is a 100% immersive camp in English, all the activities are lived in that language. Thus, the minors they will gain skills and confidence to communicate in that language during the days of the experience. For this, they are given all the necessary pedagogical material for a better assimilation of English.


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