Cuban official journalist at the Hotel Saratoga: “The painful wait is over”


The official journalist Dairon Caballero, a reporter for Radio Habana Cuba who covered almost all the events at the Saratoga hotel, recalled the hours he spent searching for the victims of the accident and thanked all the messages they sent him during the time he stayed in the hotel. the place.

“This long journey of more than 150 hours of travel ended between pain, sadness, hope, will, love, fear, looks towards that place that stole so much in such a short time. A trip between whole dawns ended waiting for the news that we all wanted to hear From a dawn of dust and between the question: Did someone appear?”, the reporter wrote on his Facebook account.

In a special way, he dedicated a few words to the relatives of the victims of the accident, who did not have time to say goodbye to their loved ones.

“Those who stay on this side, in life, have a very difficult time because that explosion stole much more than a body; it stole the kiss, the father, the grandfather, the bedtime story, the cousin of childhood, the brother of confidences, the happy photo of everyone together this end of the year, the mischievous look, “he lamented.

He highlighted the rescue work carried out by the members of the canine brigade, essential to discover the victims among the rubble and remains of the Saratoga and surrounding buildings, and thanked all those who sent messages of support at this tragic moment.

“It is true, everything that began on that fateful May 6th here at the destroyed Hotel Saratoga has ended. But I keep all the beautiful messages that I received in public and in private, all full of that beauty that dignifies us: love and solidarity,” he concluded.

In another post on Facebook, Caballero updated the official information on the state of the children affected by the incident a week ago and revealed that classes began in provisional schools on Monday and they have specialized help.

“The team of specialists has meetings with the teachers to see ‘how they feel’ and with the parents, to assess whether they need individualized psychological attention,” he explained.

Dairon Caballero stayed for a whole week reporting the most important events that took place around the ruins of the Saratoga hotel and was part of the press coverage that was deployed to publicize not only the details of what was happening, but also to reveal human stories starring all those who they found on the spot.

After the intense days of search and rescue, the total of 45 deceased yehe decree of National Mourning by the governmentthere are still many things to do in that part of Havana that was marked by destruction and pain.

The affected neighbors wait to return to their homes, once the repairs are finished and it will be difficult to forget the May afternoon when fear could not against solidarity and empathy.

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