Cryptocurrencies, offer restructuring and programming languages: the trade of the future

Cryptocurrencies, offer restructuring and programming languages: the trade of the future

Virtual wallets, incursion of algorithms, data processing and artificial intelligence are some of the components that will have continuity according to their view. That is why the eyes will be on the Web 3.0the return to a physical experience both with the product and with the purchase itself and the consolidation of programming and robotic and computer language.

Not only large companies will enjoy a new logistical point of view, but also SMEs will be able to meet the demands of the market such as reviving the purchase modality that maintains traditional commerce.

Journalist: When will the change take place and what will it bring?

Damian DiPace: It should be clarified that the changes are not radical because they are ultimately cultural processes that involve social experiences. It will be given gradually as one adapts to the new demands. People will not only have to modify the structure on the part of the offer, but they will also have to know the technological devices that are available to them to upgrade. The novelty will be the decentralized process that will be distributed through blockchain, where everyone will have a level of participation in the purchasing processes. Users will approach with their crypto and make use of that tool, of which they are a part. In any case, it should not be forgotten that trade emerged to socially unite communities that had to exchange different goods and services. No matter how much progress there is, we must not lose sight of the fact that the human being is a social being.

Q: What will the new system allow for merchants?

PDD: The digital asset will be the greatest tool that they will have, not only because they will not depend on a central entity but also because the decisions will be distributed. There will be a decentralized network that will generate a solution in the technology market and that will allow action if everyone agrees.

Social networks like Instagram and Facebook, platforms on which people are used to posting their wares, will not have anyone dominating them, not even Google. No one will depend on someone else to say how much the rate is worth or how much can be published, that will already be predetermined.

Absolutely everything is going to be revolutionized and those who bet on the system and develop it will be favored.

Q: What will be the profile of business leaders?

PDD: The profile must be multidisciplinary, that is, you will have from programmers to communicators who are dedicated to the development of the brand, the intangibility of the service process and how to improve the experience within the business.

The economy is going to be so dynamic and programming languages ​​are going to change that vendors will have to be prepared to change technology systems all the time. In fact, the level of competition will make these last much less.

While one imposes it, one already has to be thinking of another that overcomes it. The one who programmed and developed it must be vigilant. No one can fall asleep because the digitization it is permanent and constant, typical of a process of adaptation.

Q: How will it be possible in the face of a large industry, but concentrated in few hands?

PDD: Behind a digital asset is the quaternary sector of an economy, that of knowledge. The leaders will understand what is behind it, and a technological improvement process will be achieved. It will be important that a programming language is used and there is an approach to the blockchain world.

Banks will no longer be intermediaries, so there will be different encryption protocols that will make it possible.

Q: Finally, will there be someone who loses out?

PDD: There are always people in the market who lose and who win. Every process incorporates previous frustrations in the middle and we are even in a really ephemeral moment.

It is a process that will surely break at some point, the best of the system will remain and only the competition will begin. From there new projects will emerge.

In other words, the panorama will mature.


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