Cross the Barranca de Metztitlán on a flying bike

Bicicleta Voladora en tirolesa: cruza la Barranca de Metztitlán

Live the exciting adventure of crossing the Metztitlan Canyon from the heights pedaling a bicycle. This is an activity that will take your breath away.

If you like strong emotions, then you should pack your bags and travel to the municipality of Metztitlan in the state of Gentleman. In this destination there are a lot of activities for lovers of adventure and nature.

Within Metztitlán is San Pablo Tetlapayac, a tourist center that is characterized as one of the best places to live great adventures since it has ecotourism activities that will take your adrenaline to the maximum.

Most of the activities take place from above, so it is not suitable for people with acrophobia.

One of those experiences includes an unconventional bike ride: at a height of approximately 80 meters above the Amajac River.

Would you dare to fly mounted or mounted on a bike, not on the shore, but on the precipice of a ravine?

A bike ride over the Barranca de Metztitlán?

Four and a half hours from Mexico City is the Barranca de Metztitlán Biosphere Reservein the state of Gentlemana protected natural area dominated by a semi-arid climate.

Crossing approximately 15 kilometers of dirt road, you will arrive at the Luna y Sol ecotourism center, administered by a cooperative society created by the original population of San Pablo Tetlapayac.

Many activities are offered in this ecotourism center, but one of the most exciting and most requested by tourists is the famous flying bikea bicycle zip line that crosses a line 250 meters long at 80 meters high, in the middle of the Metztitlán ravine, on the Amajac River.

Visitors pedal as they traverse from end to end. During your trip you will be able to observe a rugged landscape surrounding a river.

The flying bike It has a cost of $400 pesos per person. You don’t have to do this activity alone, if you don’t want to, because the circuit consists of two cables where two bicycles can go forward at the same time. The tour takes approximately six minutes round trip.

If what worries you is your safety, Destinos spoke with César Pérez, communication manager of Luna y Sol, who assured us that they have the necessary equipment to protect the brave who dare to cross the void on pedal.

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“The equipment used is highly qualified and special for this type of activity; they have the capacity to support more weight than necessary, but we put a limit for the safety of our visitors. In addition, the opera team always does it responsibly, observing even the smallest detail and both the person and the bicycle are very well insured.

“It is a unique experience to cross by bicycle. It is a challenge full of a lot of adrenaline that they definitely have to live. If we add to this the landscape and the view that surrounds us, it is an adventure that you can live in few places in our country,” said César Pérez.

More activities in the Barranca de Metzttilán

Besides the flying bikein moon and sun you can there are activities for a complete experience. They have a zip line of approximately 80 meters high where you can cross the ravine from one side to the other, observing the rock formations between the mountains. This activity has a cost of $300 pesos per person.


Another of its activities is the Paso del Soldado, which consists of walking 50 meters away on a circuit with protection and safety equipment at 80 meters above the ravine. The most important thing will be to keep your balance to avoid falling.

There is interpretive hiking, a 3.5 kilometer route that will allow you to discover the cultural and natural heritage of San Pablo Tetlapayac. Its cost is $100 pesos per person.


If you ended up very tired, and do not want to return to the city, you can reserve a cabin or a camping space. The cost for camping is $200 pesos per night and does not include camping equipment. With this option you will have access to the bathroom and showers.

The rental of cabins has a cost of $600 pesos per night for two people; These have a double bed, full bathroom, shower and closet.


To go to this place you must book your stay in advance as it is an area of ​​high demand.

moon and sun
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