Cristiano Ronaldo and his eldest son show off their abs on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo and his eldest son show off their abs on Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo was immersed in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when he gave surprising news: he became a father for the first time. The boy, Cristiano Jr., would become the right eye of his father, who has protected him against thick and thin from all kinds of speculation. Above all, the rumors about his biological mother, something that the soccer star has already confessed would remain something between father and son when the child is a little older, explaining that the child’s mother had decided to keep her identity anonymous. .

“As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers her identity to remain confidential, my son will be under my sole guardianship. No further information will be provided on this subject and I ask everyone to fully respect my (and the child’s) right to privacy, at least in matters as personal as this,” she wrote on Facebook at the time.

Cristiano with his son Cristiano Jr, in a file image.


A child with a father like Cristiano Ronaldo could not but follow in his footsteps in the world of football and, for now, not only is he fulfilling it, but it seems that his aptitude for the sport could make him an even bigger star than his father.

If not, you just have to check the dedication that the boy, who is now 11 years old, dedicates to the king of sports, who have already managed to get him to be as fit as his famous father. Proof of this is an image that Cristiano himself has shared through his Instagram account, in which father and son are seen with their torsos uncovered at a time that the Portuguese star describes as “recovery”, presumably after a while dedicated to sports activities.

The Portuguese footballer is one of the best athletes in history, and his eldest son seems to be following in his footsteps. However, the boy has already started in football at a professional level and, since last February, he has been playing in the Manchester United youth team, the same team in which his famous father currently plays.

A signing that Georgina Rodríguez proudly announced through her social networks, who has become the true mother of Cristiano Jr, with whom she has a very special bond since they joined their lives in 2016, when the boy was six years old .

Cristiano Jr. is a firm candidate to be his father's successor.

Cristiano Jr. is a firm candidate to be his father’s successor.

Instagram/Georgina Rodriguez

Since then, they have seen the rest of the family arrive, the twins Mateo and Eva, four years old, born by surrogacy when the Portuguese star had already started a relationship with the businesswoman of Argentine origin; Alana Martina, also four and the result of her relationship with the man of influence and, a few days ago, Bella Esmeralda, barely a month old, who survived her twin brother, who died during childbirth a few days ago.

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