Covid-19 Testing for Domestic Travelers: CDC Updates Recommendations

Covid-19 Testing for Domestic Travelers: CDC Updates Recommendations

(CNN)– The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidelines for people traveling within the country.

The agency now urges all domestic travelers to “consider getting tested as close to the time of departure (no more than three days) before your trip,” according to this month’s updates on its covid-19 website.

This recommendation especially includes travelers who are up to date on their vaccinations and boosters.

Previously, the recommendation to get tested before domestic travel applied to those who were not up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Testing is also recommended after the trip is over, especially if you were in very crowded areas.

The CDC recommends testing for COVID-19 after domestic travel “if your travel involved situations with higher risk of exposure, such as being in crowded places without wearing a properly fitted mask or respirator.”

Finally, the agency reminds travelers to be aware of local regulations and conditions anywhere in the United States. Do not assume that what is valid in your city or state is the same elsewhere.

The CDC advises people to “follow all state, tribal, local, and territorial health recommendations and requirements at your destination.”

Covid-19 tests for travel to the US from abroad

These national updates are separate from CDC guidelines for those traveling to the US, including US territories, from abroad.

These travelers must have a negative COVID test within one day of travel or provide proof that they have recovered from COVID-19 within the previous 90 days. Children under 2 years of age do not need to be tested.

The CDC also recommends testing three to five days after international travel to the United States.

In addition, foreign citizens must be vaccinated against covid-19 to enter the United States. There is no such requirement for US citizens, US nationals, and lawful permanent residents traveling within or outside the country.

Still, the agency recommends that people be up-to-date on vaccinations before any air travel.


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