Couple lives on cruise ships since 2021

Couple lives on cruise ships since 2021

United States.- The couple affirms that after making unusual calculations, it is cheaper to live traveling on cruise ships to have a house.

Angelyn Burk has been in love with the open sea since she first embarked on a cruise ship in 1992 and when she married Richard, the couple planned to take cruise trips around the world.

We really enjoyed the cruises and being able to visit different parts of the world, without getting on a plane,” Angelyn told the American media outlet 7Life.

The couple noted that after calculating the numbers, they realized that they could live the rest of their lives hopping from cruise ship to cruise ship.

Angelyn, 53, is an accountant. and thought she could live the lifestyle of her dreams thanks to a combination of savings and the early sale of her Seattle home.

So they both quit their jobs and they sailed enjoying the life of nomads since May 2021, now they are used to being at sea.

The couple shared their advice on how more people can also retire and travel at sea.

Angelyn and Richard now live traveling on cruise ships / Photo: 7Life

In early 2021, the couple began to think about retirement and dreamed of setting sail.

“Our plan originally was to stay in different countries for a month and eventually retire to cruise ships as we got older,” Angelyn said.

“We love to travel and we were looking for a way to travel continuously during our retirement that made financial sense.

Angelyn as an accountant, began to calculate the exact age at which they could afford to be in the sea.

He found that by using their loyalty memberships and taking advantage of the sales, they could actually retire right then and there, and it made more financial sense than a mortgage.

Angelyn said that has been strict in his life with savings and investments in order to achieve his goal.

“We are not interested in materialistic things but experiences.”

Since they set out to sea, they have meticulously planned where each cruise would end and the next would begin.

On the rare occasions when the ships’ schedules do not match, the pair spend a brief time ashore, often with family or friends.

The couple plan to visit every corner of the world entirely by boat and have visited some countries numerous times and their favorite is Singapore.

They add that they have secured accommodation, food, drinks and all transportation.

“It’s a pleasurable trip without the hassle of booking hotels, restaurants and transportation, and without breaking our budget.”

As a recommendation, Angelyn said that anyone looking to set sail should try long-term cruises first.

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He added that people who want to travel should book early, cut costs between trips and stay away from drink packages, as well as keep track of their costs and be mindful of their budget.

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