Could the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall? What the studies say – Travel – Life

 Could the Leaning Tower of Pisa fall?  What the studies say - Travel - Life

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Millions of people have posed with their hands outstretched as if to support it, but whether it could fall off at any point remains a question mark.

Located in Pisa, Italy, the Tower is one of the four buildings of the ‘Campo dei Miracoli’ complex, which in Spanish would be Campo de los Milagros, made up of a cathedral, a baptistery, the Campo Santo cemetery and the bell tower, better known as the Tower of Pisa.

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How did its construction begin?

Its construction began in 1173, but it took almost two centuries to finish due to many pauses due to wars.

However, it was only a short time after construction began, when the first floors were already seen, that an inclination caused by the ground was noticeablewhich was not ideal for constructions.

The solution that was presented at the time was to build each floor at an angle that would correct the slope, which only caused it to lean more.

By 1370, when its construction was completed, the tower leaned 1.6 degrees to the south. However, there was a time when the tower reached a 5 degree tilt.

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About who thought and started the work, to this day there are confusing records. The structure took so long to be ready that it went through many modifications by architects seeking to correct the mistake.

There have also been many suggestions to rebuild the Tower somewhere else in Italy, but all the proposals have been rejected, since the government considers that the importance of the bell tower also lies in its location and its inclination. The task, in that sense, is to protect it, not correct it.

Due to its tourist importance, Italy’s government has taken steps over the years to avert the catastrophe that its downfall could represent. For this reason, in 1990 he appointed a committee to come up with solutions that would prevent further tilting.

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Due to this, in 1993 the committee decided to place 600 tons of lead at the base of the north side, since its inclination was towards the south.

However, the idea did not pay off quickly, so they decided to use long pipes to remove the soil from the north side, which it did cause it to lean a bit to the right, giving the structure greater stability.

Every day thousands of tourists pose as if they were supporting the tower.

Could it really fall?

There have been many studies trying to answer this question. However, the answer remains inconclusive. Most analyzes try to understand why the structure is still standing at such a lean.

According to analyzes carried out by Gabriele Fiorentino, a researcher at the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol, UK, there are several aspects that could ensure the stability of the tower.

On the one hand, the structure managed to settle to the unstable ground on which it is built because, as mentioned above, its construction took around 200 years, in addition to the fact that the way it is built, with a base thicker than its middle, allows it greater stability.

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On the other hand, the same soil that caused its inclination also allows a type of protection from seismic movements to the structurewhich affect it less strongly than others.

Investigations into the stability of the Tower continue to this day, as do the Italian government’s prevention programs to keep one of its busiest tourist spots viable and safe for people visiting the country.

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