COMPANY / What is the relationship between sales and neuroscience?, by Javier Ortego

¿Qué relación hay entre las ventas y la neurociencia?, de la mano de Javier Ortego - 1, Foto 1

The success of a company will depend directly on the level of sales, regardless of the market to which it is dedicated. As long as the sales are carried out under proper planning, they will elevate any business and generate a productive economic income. For this reason, companies need to have a specialized sales staff in charge of planning strategies aimed at convincing customers to purchase a product or service.

To keep salespeople trained, Javier Ortego, one of the best teachers in the world according to The Economist, proposes a sales course for companies, based on neuroscience knowledge. This program can be taught in person at the company’s facilities or online.

neuroscience and sales

Integrating neuroscience into sales has been one of the best strategies of all time. Its application in the commercial field allows to increase the capacity of persuasion to the client. It is for this reason that Javier Ortego has included this science in his sales course for companies.

One of the foundations of neuroscience applied to this course is the influence of the primitive brain on clients’ decisions. Therefore, it is key to know how to address it to achieve the desired objective; that is, closing sales. The visual component, for example, is fundamental, because the primitive brain responds intensely to this sense.

Another important aspect is that the seller knows how to capture the attention of the customer’s primitive brain to communicate the messages. Because the most rational part works by analyzing and generating obstacles to the decision, it is necessary to avoid rational barriers. In this sense, the products or services must be linked to the benefits that the primitive brain seeks in a powerful way. 100% rational messages often bore that brain and the customer will reject the sale.

Another fundamental element is the dominance that emotions have in the perception of the primitive brain. Endorphins directly influence the functioning of the brain and their search activates decisions.

Take a sales course for companies

The course reveals some techniques to overcome the drawbacks of the sale. One of these is how to use scarcity and how to communicate it subliminally to the primitive brain. Other techniques would be to apply the principle of reciprocity or simplify complex products or vice versa, in order to gain an advantage. These and other skills must be mastered by salespeople to achieve extraordinary results.

The objective of Javier Ortego’s course is for the seller to deeply understand how the client decides, their blockages and motivations in order to understand the relationship between the recipient’s behavior and mind in order to obtain an advantageous position in any sale or negotiation process.

It is primarily aimed at service, industrial, and consumer sales staff. It is also useful for any manager or entrepreneur who is in direct contact with customers.


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