COMPANY / The key to success in digital ventures, the figure of the mentor

La clave del éxito en los emprendimientos digitales, la figura del mentor - 1, Foto 1

Digital businesses ceased to be the future several years ago to become a great opportunity in the XXI century.

However, the fact that the option of starting a digital business is available to millions of people does not mean that it is easy or fast. It is a reality that in Spain, less than half of the companies manage to survive the first five years of life.

Specifically, in 2017, only 43% of companies achieved it and of those, 98.49% will never become medium or large, according to INE data.

And it is that a digital business requires a lot of perseverance, strategy, knowledge of the market and a good product. But, all this can become really complex at the beginning or even in a more advanced stage of the business, so the figure of someone who guides, guides and contributes their experience is very necessary.

It is for this reason that it is increasingly essential to have the benefits of hiring a business mentor who knows the roadmap to follow, helps speed up the process and saves the arduous path of applying the error test by oneself. to achieve a solid and profitable digital business that allows to obtain positive results and a real impact in the current digital ecosystem.

Aware that the most important thing is the transformation of the client, Sara Villén seeks that her clients achieve better billing and grow in the number of clients month after month. The strategies taught point to high-value programs driven by an attraction and conversion system through content on social networks, without the need for prior knowledge about digital marketing.

Personalized and 100% practical methodology

There are several alternatives that Sara Villén offers to hire consulting and mentoring services, with the combination of one to one and group being the most requested by her clients. This hybrid mentoring modality combines the best of group learning and growth, while offering the great benefits of one-on-one customization to adapt to the needs and resources of the client, whether it is a project that is just beginning or the business is up and running and needs an action plan to grow and scale.

Lastly, the training and conferences carried out by Sara Villén are intended to provide individual, group and corporate educational experiences both online and in person. The methodology is 100% practical and personalized for each client and their needs, determined after an assessment session.

Extensive experience in the sector

The more than 15 years of experience that Sara Villén has in the area of ​​business development and marketing, are a guarantee to access the mentoring and consulting services that seek to boost online businesses. The goal is to strategically promote a positive impact and achieve profitability, without having to give up a free lifestyle.

Within mentoring, the specialist points out that the most important thing is to combine commitment, perseverance and action, since there are no shortcuts or magic formulas to achieve the objectives. Therefore, Sara implements more human strategies to build the basic pillars of a solid and scalable digital business such as the value proposition, the target audience, visibility and the sales system.

As a consequence, clients will be able to accelerate the growth of their business while applying strategies that adapt to the resources and objectives set. They also experience a sense of clarity and focus in their business, as they feel confident that they are moving in the right direction.

Most people undertake to achieve the desired quality of life, to have greater freedom to better manage their time to dedicate it to their family, to travel or their hobbies. However, it is essential to have the advice of a specialist to grow to the level that one wishes to reach, being the trajectory of Sara Villen a guarantee to consolidate a business.


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