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La importancia de la seguridad y mantenimiento en los proyectos digitales - 1, Foto 1

In a world where digital transformation is on the rise, companies have found innovation to be an essential element for the success of their operations, which is why they include better services to help improve processes. These systems store a large amount of information, so businesses need to include maintenance and security strategies to ensure proper application performance.

In this sense, Pukkas, a company that specializes in the development of digital projects for organizations, has implemented a dynamic service called Pukkas 365, which allows continuous monitoring of all aspects of these projects, including security and maintenance. .

Importance of security and maintenance in digital projects

Carrying out maintenance on digital projects allows them to be protected from future dangers or threats to their security, and can be defined as the series of measures that are taken so that a web platform works properly.

Maintenance is related to updating the website and includes an element that is essential: security. This works to improve your defense systems and response capacity against threats, using strategies such as backups, restores and shields, which protect you from any attack.

In the words of the general director of Pukkas, “active security surveillance has gone from being an option to being an obligation, as important or more than design, applied marketing or positioning. All the marketing investments that we can make in a project can be useless if security is not present.

Some of the most common consequences that affect the security of digital projects when maintenance is not carried out are theft of company or website data, database plagiarism, theft of financial information and user data, alteration of the server, among many others.

The objectives of cyberattacks directed at corporations can be very different, and depending on what is sought, one operation or another will be chosen, with multiple options. These include password attacks, social engineering attacks (with some widely recognized by the user community as phishing, spam or online fraud), connection attacks and malware attacks (from of elements such as viruses, Trojans or spyware). All these types of attacks and the possible ways to protect themselves against them are contemplated in the Cyberattack Guide document, prepared by the OSI (Internet Security Office), a body that depends on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain .

Cyberattacks can be especially targeted at large corporations or individual users. Dumpster Diving, for example, seeks to obtain sensitive information from an organization. In this case, the target of this digital attack is documents, notes, and other sensitive information that a company may have inadvertently thrown away, such as credit card numbers, contacts, credential notes, etc.

To avoid being victims of operations of this type, which can get any company into big trouble, it will be crucial to have the help of professionals in the sector such as those of the Pukkas company.

Service designed for digital projects of companies

Over time, and as technology advances, digital projects are becoming more complex and more essential. The importance they have acquired for companies has been such that they require continuous maintenance management and services that respond to all requirements.

Pukkas 365 is a service that offers coverage and monitoring of projects that are in operation. Among its objectives is to become the comprehensive solution for digital platforms 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, establishing a perennial monitoring of its requirements that guarantees trust, tranquility and security to its customers. To determine which are the tasks to be carried out, the company will carry out a preliminary analysis to know the needs of the project, and based on them, it will work in one way or another for its improvement.


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