COMPANY / Manuel Hernández Cerrajeros explains if electronic locks are really the future to protect a home

Manuel Hernández Cerrajeros explica si las cerraduras electrónicas son realmente el futuro para proteger una vivienda - 1, Foto 1

On average, a person may lose or damage their home key at least once in 1-3 years. With the rise of the smart home, users have sought smart solutions to this problem.

This is how the replacement of the traditional closure by electronic locks has increased its popularity. For many, this option represents the future of home security.

However, the market is full of copies of these products and, to find out and know which one is best suited to certain needs, many users prefer to go to experts such as Manuel Hernández Cerrajeros. This group of technicians offers a wide range of locksmith services, where their main specialty is advising on changing the latest generation of smart locks.

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic locks

The peace of mind and control offered by electronic locks are the most notable benefits of these examples, being a complex system and integrating electronic elements, the risk of being forced by an intruder is reduced.

Also, most electronic locks allow access rights to be changed at any time. For example, if an access card is lost, it can simply be removed from the system or if another person needs to be added, it can be done with ease.

In the case of models that use PIN, these digits are not shown on the screen, so owners are not at risk if they are accompanied by other people.

On the other hand, technological locks are not 100% foolproof, there are some disadvantages that customers should consider. Firstly, access codes have a high level of incidence in terms of forgetfulness by the owner. If he does not remember his password, he must contact the security company, that is, leave the security of the home to a third party.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that, at the moment, there are not a wide variety of locks available on the market, this can facilitate any form of hacking.

The price is another disadvantage that electronic locks have, the complete installation of these systems varies according to the brand. Models can cost from €200 to €600.

Improve the protection of a home with a lock

Electronic locks work thanks to a motor that activates the opening mechanism, unlike the traditional ones that use a key, the electronic motor is activated with digital cards, by a keyboard, by a wireless remote control or by a biometric sensor .

In security parameters, these locks are recommended to install in rentals without presence, residences of large families and second homes occupied by several relatives.

The Manuel Hernández Cerrajeros team advises the installation of a premium lock with an integrated security shield and a key that cannot be duplicated.

With more than 15 years of experience, Manuel Hernández and his team offer a professional service focused on increasing the security and privacy of buildings to the highest possible level.


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