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5 razones para incluir la gamificación en el entorno laboral para divertirse - 1, Foto 1

5 reasons to include gamification in the work environment for fun

Gamification is key to making everyday work fun, promoting aspects such as teamwork, productivity or creative thinking

On April 1, the International Day of Fun at Work is celebrated, a day that seeks to promote the well-being of workers in a traditionally arid environment such as work through fun. According to a survey by the consulting firm HAYS, 44% of employees are not happy at work, and they point out that the main factor that can make them happy is the work environment and fellowship. This happiness can be increased thanks to the inclusion of gamification techniques in the work environment. Outfinders, a Spanish company specialized in gamification techniques, points out 5 reasons to bet on gamification so that workers find fun in their workplace:

Unite teams: After the start of the pandemic, many companies are betting on teleworking models, which has considerably reduced the personal contact that workers have with each other, one of the key pieces for their well-being. The inclusion of playful elements in the day to day or team building activities will help to bring the teams together again, strengthening group work and increasing their identification with the company in a fun way.

Increase productivity: A worker who has fun at his job is a happy worker, something that directly affects his productivity. The more comfortable he is, the better and faster he will do his job, which becomes a clear advantage for the company. There is nothing more valuable than a happy workforce, something that can be achieved when work becomes play.

Attract talent: Selection processes can also be fun if they become a game. On the one hand, thanks to gamification, recruiters will be able to identify in a much easier way the main soft skills of the candidates, which in other ways tend to go unnoticed, helping to save time and money through a more objective filtering of the candidates. . On the other hand, the fun will make the applicants take the process in a more relaxed way, allowing them to show the best of themselves.

Promote creative thinking: Competition is becoming increasingly tough in all sectors, so it is necessary to bet on new ways of doing things to stand out. That is why professionals capable of thinking ‘Out of the box’ are increasingly valued. It is possible to strengthen the creative thinking of the squad through the game, training it with fun dynamics specifically designed for it.

Improving the corporate image: If something has stood out to the great technological giants of recent years, it has been their commitment to the well-being of their workers, to whom they offered a fun and playful work environment with the aim of their happiness. An employee is the first prescriber of the company, so making their day-to-day fun and being able to focus their responsibilities as if they were a game will mean that they only have good words for the brand. In addition, the inclusion of cutting-edge techniques such as gamification in the work environment will boost the company’s image of innovation.

“An employee who has fun every day when he goes to the office is a happy worker, and a happy worker is a more productive professional,” says Enrique Arias, founder of Outfinders, who adds: “The key is to focus obligations through game, to promote soft skills such as leadership or lateral thinking while the worker has fun. This will allow the company to become a place where everyone wants to develop their professional career”.

Outfinders carries out Team Building activities and ad hoc projects aimed at companies to carry out a transformation of processes towards gamified environments. These projects, which aim to encourage teamwork, communication, planning, decision-making and time management of the employees themselves, are tailored according to the needs of each company and are delivered “key in hand”.



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