comedy movies to watch with family

comedy movies to watch with family

Watch movies as a family can be an experience with many positive things, not only the conviviality or entertainmentbut the learning that we can detach from the stories that we approach, which also, They can be a great support to talk to children about values ​​and other important lessons.

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These are some tapes from the catalog of Netflix, family comedies to watch at home with the whole family, suitable for children and adults and from which we can take the topics they deal with to talk to the little ones about concepts such as solidarity, friendship, growth and adaptation, among others.

yes day

It is about some parents pressured by the rules at home, who decide to try the strategy of have a day with your kids where you have to say ‘yes’ to everything. This will bring many unexpected adventures, but it will allow parents as well as children to understand the importance of rules, limits, respect and responsibility that comes with age.

the princess switch

This trilogy part of a fun concept, two nearly identical people decide to switch roles. The romantic touch is very welcome and the best of the three films is the first, in which a duchess changes places with a confectioner, so that the future princess has a respite from the public eye, which leads both to find their motivation and in the process love.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

the traanimation bass is a delight for a colorful dynamism and comedic tact that centers on a family that goes on a road trip to the institution where the eldest daughter is going to study. In the path, electronic machines and appliances start a revolution that puts humanity in danger and It’s up to the Mitchells to rediscover their strength as a family to save the world.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

the saga A Cinderella Story, or The New Cinderella, It is made up of several comedy and romance films. This, with a Christmas touch, is the fifth and also deals with topics such as social media or independence. Follow a young woman with a knack for singingbut the limitation of her stepmother and stepsisters, who works in a holiday Village to raise money for Follow your dreams.

Dora and the lost city of gold

the character of Dora the explorerjumps onto the screen with flesh and blood actors in this entertaining and comedic film that also tackles topics such as solidarity, teamwork and the importance of deduction and problem solving. Here, Dora goes in search of her parents, who disappeared while searching for a treasure, accompanied by several schoolmates.

We can be heroes

A funny story about a group of children with super powers, children of superheroes who have been kidnapped by an intriguing villain that only the little ones can face, for which they need to learn to work as a team but also to believe in themselves. There are lots of special effects and adventures so it will keep the whole family amused.

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