Citizens ask deputies to include the right to sport and recreation in the Constitution

Citizens ask deputies to include the right to sport and recreation in the Constitution

Reforming the Political Constitution to declare a fundamental right to sport and recreation is the call made by more than 900 people to the deputies of and to President Alvarado to promote the constitutional reform “For the Incorporation of the Fundamental Right to Sport and Recreation”.

The project would add the following paragraph to article 89 of the Political Constitution: “All people have the right to sports, physical education and recreation. The State will guarantee this right, will promote its universalization as an effective means to improve health and quality of life of the population and will support the development of the different sports disciplines at all levels”.

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This constitutional reform aims to give it the status and protection that the promotion of healthy lifestyles deserves through sports practice and the development of spaces for the recreation of citizenship, says Bradley Johnston, a Costa Rican fencer and political scientist, who collects signatures that today it adds up to 932.

It is urgent to advance in this bill before the end of the current legislative period, because the constitutional reforms must be approved in two different legislative periods.

According to WHO data, the vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 have occurred in populations with risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes, non-communicable diseases and that could have been prevented, through strategies to promote healthy living habits.

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“How many lives would have been saved if countries like Costa Rica had invested much more in the last decade in sports, recreation and physical activity? The Costa Rica of 2022 must be the one that focuses its efforts on recovering what was lost. Recognizing the mistakes of the past, it is necessary to include fundamental changes to generate a much healthier and physically active society.It is for this reason, that with the same vision of the Constituent Assembly of 1949, in this crucial year we have the obligation to include sport in our Constitution , recreation and physical activity as rights of all the people who live in the Republic and guarantee their sustained financing,” said Alba Quesada, director of Icoder.


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