Christian Horner believes that Mercedes will be a direct rival again thanks to his updates

Christian Horner believes that Mercedes will be a direct rival again thanks to his updates

Both Mercedes followed in the wake of Leclerc’s Ferrari, which was the fastest of the day

BARCELONA, Spain – While Mercedes downplayed his car upgrades heading to Spanish Grand Prix, the head of Red Bull, Christian Homerohe thinks updates from the world champions could get them back into the title hunt.

Mercedes he has struggled so far this year with a car that bounces aggressively at speed. The team has been a distant third behind ferrari Y Red Bull in the first five races.

The team hoped that this week’s new updates would help them get back on track and Friday saw a resurgence, with george russell Y Lewis Hamilton ending behind Charles Leclerc in the second practice.

Both drivers reported much less porpoising.

The boss of Mercedes, toto wolffremains pragmatic ahead of qualifying this Saturday.

When asked if Friday’s performance was a clear sign of progress, he replied: “Progress, but not exuberance and ecstasy.”

While ferrari was the fastest in both sessions, Red Bull had a much slower start to the weekend. Horner suggested that he had seen enough of the Mercedes to think the team had made a step forward this weekend.

“I’ve been saying all year that it’s only a matter of time before they figure it out and they seem to be aware of their issues so they will become a factor in this championship,” Horner warned.

“It looks like they’ve had a good day today. We’ve got a few things we need to fix, but it’s interesting, it’s another dynamic.”

Lewis Hamilton he was in a very good mood after getting out of the car.

“It’s positive, I’m super happy,” Hamilton said Friday night. “We’re not the fastest, but we’re on our way.”


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