China endangers the iPhone 14?: this Apple analyst’s warning about ‘covid zero’ restrictions

China endangers the iPhone 14?: this Apple analyst's warning about 'covid zero' restrictions

While China threatens to “fight” those who oppose his covid restrictionsthe directors of Manzanathe company that created the most famous cell phone in the world, the iPhoneThey begin to see that there will be no quick fix for this problem and concern is growing among investors, since the closures could lead not only to a problem of production but also of demand.

A renowned Apple analyst suggested this week that the “covid zero” policy implemented by the regime of President Xi Jinping could have a more significant impact than previously thought.

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In a series of tweets, the specialist and head of TFI Securities, Ming Chi Kuomarked that: “It is a potential risk of the system in [la segunda] mid-2022 for all upstream brands and suppliers.”

Explaining his reasons, Kuo commented that demand-side risk occurs when consumption of essential items increasesleaving less to spend on discretionary consumer items like consumer electronics.

But also warned that If restrictions in the city are not lifted by June, iPhone 14 production may be affected by logistics and labor allocation.

The iPhone 14 could be one of those affected by Chinese restrictions

The time period named by Kuo is key, since Apple has announcements scheduled during the second half of the year. In turn, it is usually relevant in stock market terms, since the publication of the balances that could determine the performance by the end of the year occurs.

A decline in its production and weak demand could hurt the performance prospects of those reports.

The analyst’s reading was made on the basis of a Reuters news agency report saying that Hon Hai Precision Industry is not shutting down production at its facility in the COVID-19-hit city of Zhengzhou.


As stated by the Financial TimesPutin’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the relationship of certain flagship companies in the West, causing a sudden exodus that broke with the Russian opening after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“ExxonMobil, BP and Shell are rushing to ditch their investments in Russia; Manzana, Google and Facebook have reduced their services in the country; Walt Disney and Live Nation have suspended movie releases and rock tours; and clothing brands such as H&M and Nike have followed automakers such as Volkswagen, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz in suspending deliveries or operations,” it reported.

The decision produced alterations in the relationship with Apple’s consumers in Russia, since the supply of certain products was stopped, causing a shortage of devices and a spike in prices. However, they did not disable Russian iPhones from accessing the App Store.


China will combat any comments or actions that distort, question or deny the country’s COVID-19 response policyreported state television on Thursday, after a meeting of the highest decision-making body in the country.

After the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the Communist Party, state television said that relax COVID controls lead to large-scale infectionsadding that research on defense against virus mutations will be intensified and one-size-fits-all policies will be avoided.

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