“Chile’s claim has no head or tail”


The complaint that the ANFP made to FIFA against Ecuador for the alleged irregular registration of Byron Castillo in the past Qualifiers, which could give Chile the quota for the Qatar 2022 World Cup by secretariat, has become the great sporting theme of the moment.

As much as there is the option for FIFA to sanction Ecuador and leave the Tri without the Qatar 2022 World Cup, due to the ANFP’s complaint for Byron Castillo’s alleged misregistration, in the Ecuadorian Football Federation they remain calm with the issue.

Now it was the secretary of the organization, Nicolás Solines, who was confident in the face of Chile’s claim to the governing body of world football. “This claim has no head or tail. The Chilean Federation did not have the care to verify with our national authority, which is competent to grant nationality or say that someone is a national of a country, and obviously the player Byron Castillo is Ecuadorian”recognized in statements to the Red AM of Argentina.

“We have the documentation that proves it like this, so as I say we are calm. We know that FIFA is not going to interfere in sovereign issues such as the nationality of a person. We do not worry, we only hope that FIFA gives its final resolution”he added.

Furthermore, he added: “We would have liked the Chilean Federation to come to us first, obviously as we will do in FIFA we would have shown that it has no basis. We have to defend ourselves in FIFA and show the documentation. The Bolivian case was different, there was a breach of the requirement of eligibility, not here. What is in question is nationality, but our civil registry has him registered as Ecuadorian by birth, born in the Province of Guayas in 1998”.

Finally, Solines said: “We are surprised, but we are not worried. As I said at the beginning, the whirlwind that has arisen would have been solved from the beginning if there had been the thoroughness of gathering information from our competent authority.”


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