Children’s Day: Options for having fun in the city

Children's Day: Options for having fun in the city

For this celebration, the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau recommends the following places to enjoy with your little ones; with activities and tours to have fun learning.


With more than two thousand square meters and a dome with the best projection technology, the Planetarium and Interactive Center of Jalisco “Lunaria” will leave you and your whole family with your mouth open.

With 23 interactive exhibitsyour little ones will marvel at the charm of the planets, stars and galaxies. Would you like to embark on this journey through science?

Can visit Lunaria a few minutes from the Historic Center of Guadalajarayou will find it on Carlos Pereira Street, number 792, very close to the Glorieta de La Normal.

Photo: Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau

Nat Geo Ultimate Explorer

Your family should know the new entertainment center, which has 11 attractions, your sons and daughters will be able to discover the world of dinosaurs and their fossils.

In addition, this space will offer a pleasant experience in virtual reality and 3D projection. Do you want a reason to visit? This park has a clear purpose: to inspire children to be the next scientists, astronauts, biologists, explorers and engineers.

To visit the nat Geo Ultimate explorer you must move with your little ones to the Landmark Guadalajara, at 188 Patria Avenue in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. In Basement 2 you will find this incredible adventure.

Photo: Good People / Jorge Soltero


What profession or trade would your little ones love to practice in the future? If they haven’t figured it out yet. kidzania is the place to find out.

What this establishment offers you, in addition to incredible moments and lots of fun, It is the great learning experience that your sons and daughters will have from role-playing games, in addition to understanding economic notions.

It is an interactive city for children between the ages of 2 and 16 and test your talents and skills in more than 100 professions.

For this adventure you must transport yourself with your family to Plaza Patriain Zapopan, Jalisco.

Photo: Courtesy Gas Rosa

michin aquarium

Very close to the heart of Guadalajara is an incredible underwater adventure: the Aquarium Michin.

Our existence depends, to a large extent, on the seas and oceans, so teach your little ones respect for marine species it becomes an important task for their training and in the aquarium you will find a perfect ally for it.

In Michin Aquarium your sons and daughters they will experience underwater life and the importance of care, conservation and protection of biodiversitywith a focus on the indigenous cultures of Mexico!

You can visit with your family the more than 10 thousand species that make up the aquarium on Avenida Mariano de la Bárcena, number 900, in the downtown area of ​​Guadalajara.

Photo: Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau

Guadalajara Zoo

The whole family will love a visit to the Guadalajara Zoo and Safari, which is one of the most important in the country and has 350 species and more than 5,000 animals under its custody, in addition to protecting 280 hectares of the ecological reserve in the Barranca. from Huentitan.

Don’t miss the Safari Maasai Mara, to come into contact with the most representative animals of the African savannah and learn, through a Masai village, part of the culture of this community. In addition, there is the section of the Antarctica, home of the endearing penguins of the species Adelie Y Gentoo and the nurserywhere the youngest offspring are found.

This amazing place is located at Paseo del Zoo number 600 and Calzada Independencia number 4510 in the Huentitán el Alto neighborhood.

Photo: Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau

Czech Perez Kart Track

For a moment of adrenaline, you cannot miss the kart track Checo Pérez, in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. This place has activities so that both the general public and karting connoisseurs can enjoy and experience its circuits on board individual and double karts, so that the little ones can live this experience accompanied by an adult.

It is possible to experience the speed like a true professional pilot in Avenida Las Torres number 7450in the Ciudad Judicial neighborhood, in Zapopan.

Photo: Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau

With information from the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau



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