Chanel’s success: the Twitter thread that leaves many portrayed

Chanel's success: the Twitter thread that leaves many portrayed

Chanel Terrero tapestry in the latest edition of euroviscoming third and becoming one of the most spectacular performances in a final in which Ukraine won thanks to televoting and the support of the audience. The call chanelazo I allowed Spain get the best position in Eurovision since 1995a real success. The singer offered a number that made the public vibrate Bend and found the block support of almost the entire country. Nevertheless, Chanel did not have it easy. The artist was harsh criticized for his song, the supposed sexualization of his figure and for his election in the controversial Benidorm Party. A thread recovers the criticisms leveled against the singer.

From hate to applause: a thread of subjects in the Chanel case

Chanel may be the new Spanish diva, but as the user Javier Navarro’s thread reflects, from which we have selected some samples, it explains how the Spanish political and civil society got off to a bad start with the singer. Chanel, who was selected in the Benidorm Partyhad to compete with figures such as Rigoberta Bandini and his hit Ow mom Y Tanxugueirasa group of Galician singers entrenched in the folklore of their land. That festival, organized by Spanish Television, resulted in accusations of foolishness and manipulation in the voting, since voting was mixed, with a professional jury and televoting. The matter became a state debate, which led political parties such as the PSOE, the PP or Podemos, as well as the unions, to investigate what had happened.

Ministers and ministers, as Yolanda Diaz and Irene Monteroof the coalition that governs Spain at the moment, they felt that everything was an outrage, and took the matter to the Congress of Deputies and other public forumswith public statements that were also joined by members of the opposition. While she was accused of sexualizationChanel was harassed on social networks by many usersbeing forced to close their profiles and weather a situation that, at first, should have been pleasant for her. The presenter of the Benidorm festival, Ins Hernand, also joined the critics with the theme.

His lyrics were criticized, and his performance at that festival held in January, became a throwing weapon about the role of women in the entertainment industry. Little by little, time passed, and those most critical of her and her subject of her, among them alleged Eurovision experts, found themselves giving in to their slow motion and its scenic power, proving the error of many. Chanel took the Eurovision stage representing Spain and the rest is history. Criticism turned into praise last Saturday -despite the controversy with her dress, designed by Palomo Spain- and the artist, arras. “We are super proud. We have given everything. Thank you for all your support and love. This has been a dream and now we’re realizing. I dedicate this to my family and mine”, explained Chanel after the end of the contest.


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