CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery wants the next DC films to be released in theaters

CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery wants the next DC films to be released in theaters

Warner Bros. Discovery executives are actively working and making decisions for the future of the company. In particular, there have been conversations and reports about the plans for its content, and one of the most discussed franchises is DC, which has undoubtedly had a great impact on the recent landscape of the company and of the entertainment industry in general.

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Many attractive projects based on DC Comics characters are currently being developed by the company, and the list includes films such as Blue beetle, Bat girl, black canary Y static shock. Some of these upcoming installments were originally scheduled to have premieres on HBO Max, leaving out the opportunity to have a theatrical debut.

However, it seems that the recent merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery has caused the company to rethink the situation when it comes to streaming or theatrical releases of DC movies. A report of the hollywood reporter revealed that David Zaslavthe new CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, is “imposing a mandate that DC movies must now be made with a goal of theatrical release first.” A source cited in that report (via, also states that “many of the things that were developed are going to disappear”.

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The report indicates that Zaslav he doesn’t plan to ditch the exclusive premieres on HBO Max, since they attract a large number of subscribers. However, the CEO intends to keep these films within a budget of US$35 million or less. On the other hand, the tapes that had theatrical releases, and arrived 45 days later on the platform, have also proven to be a success, such is the case of Batman – 85%.

Big-budget movies like The Flash, Black Adam, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, were planned to hit theaters from the beginning, unlike films like Blue beetle either Bat girlthat were originally planned to be exclusive premieres of HBO Max. In case of Blue beetle was reconsidered for some time, as the company made the decision to release it in theaters first, even before the arrival of David Zaslav.

Blue beetle will make its debut in fall 2023, shortly after the release of Shazam! fury of the godswhich is scheduled for June of the same year. Blue beetle is directed by Angel Manuel Soto and stars Xolo Maridueña, the star of the popular Netflix series, Cobra Kai – 100%. In the film, I’m sorry plays Jaime Reyes, a young man who discovers an alien beetle attached to his body.

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