Celta: Coudet: “We’ll be here next season”

Celta: Coudet:

This Saturday Coudet broke with the ambiguities generated in previous answers when asked about his future. When asked if he could confirm his presence for the next season, he was clear and concise: “We’ll be here.” It should be noted that, by contract, he has two more years signed.

The coach who confirmed the absence, against Elche, of Nolito, the return to the call of Carlos Domnguez and Kevin’s doubt, valued the season: “We reached the main objective and calmly. We knew what we had to meet that objective and I don’t think we had to go for more. We have sustained the football idea over time, at home and away, and with the rival that was.”

Regarding the dismissal of Denis Surez, who has one year left on his contract, he said: “It’s a trick question. I hope he has a good game.”

You are clear about the limitations of your team: “If the casualties we have now had happened in the middle of the season, we would have gone through it differently. If we want to go for more, we need more. I think we all have it clear. To make the leap, we need other things. We know deficiencies we have. For this reason, I highlight the brutal growth of this workforce. I want to go for more if I don’t get bored. I like the demand. Give it to me with some more tool. We have to enter a wheel of being able to sell to be able to bring”.

On whether he sees Nolito continue playing in the Spanish First Division, it was clear: “Yes. How is it not going to have an engine. He covers a lot of meters per game. How is it not going to hold up in the First Division. It’s a shame we don’t have it, now that we need it a lot. He’s a great player.”

He also spoke about Thiago Galhardo: “As for the game, he has shown to have qualities. The numbers in terms of goals, for a striker, have not been that many. It has helped us, and a lot, we went to look for a discarded player in his club and tried to put him on the best way”.

See Iago Aspas ready to fight for the Zarra Trophy: “I always see him the same way. He’s always eager and likes to score goals. He’s a guy who likes to play football. The only way to help him win a prize is by generating situations and I think the team is doing it”.

He believes that the hobby has identified with the idea: “I think that this team has given something back to Celta since the game, it goes hand in hand with the idiosyncrasy of the club. We must try to maintain our form. Hopefully the squad can be extended. With me the fans have been excellent. I feel very dear. I never feared, even with the team being in the last positions. Our biggest deficit was effectiveness”.



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