Cathay flies 98% less than before | Airlines News

 Cathay flies 98% less than before |  Airlines News

The world is returning to normal after the pandemic, except for China. This week, Cathay Pacific, the big Hong Kong airline, released its data for April this year. Things can be seen from two perspectives. The most realistic is to compare the figures with April 2019, which represents a 98.7 percent drop in the total number of passengers; if we compare with April 2021, an increase of 82 percent. In reality, the 40 thousand passengers flown this month are nothing compared to the usual (This is a crisis: Cathay lost 99% of traffic in January).

Despite these unfortunate data, there has been some marginal improvement, especially in cargo, where 92 thousand tons were transported, 43 percent of the usual in 2019.

Cathay had a passenger distribution hub in Hong Kong throughout the region that was completely dismantled. Many travelers from all over the world stopped there to fly to other destinations, including Australia and New Zealand. These have already opened their borders, but Hong Kong continues with leonine restrictions, even for travelers who only intend to stop in the city.

To see that he who does not take comfort is that he does not want to, read what Ronald Lam, the director of commercial and customer service, has to say: “April saw some positive developments for our travel business with improved demand across our network. Following the lifting of the ban on incoming flights from nine countries on April 1, as well as the adjustment of the quarantine period from 14 days to seven days for travelers arriving in Hong Kong, we saw increased demand among residents who wanted to return to Hong Kong. city, particularly in the UK. In view of this increased demand, we increased our passenger flight capacity by approximately 25% compared to March, although last month we still operated only about 2% of our pre-pandemic passenger flight capacity. We launched additional frequencies, providing more and better connections for our transit passengers. In addition to continued demand from mainland China, transit traffic to and from other destinations in Asia also recovered. On April 29, we carried 2,805 passengers in total, which was the highest since August 4, 2021. On the contrary, we further reduced our frequencies to mainland China in view of the Covid situation in Shanghai.”

Regarding the future, he said that “adjustments to travel restrictions and quarantine requirements help facilitate the gradual resumption of travel activities and the strengthening of network connectivity. These changes in quarantine and medical surveillance requirements will allow flights to be reactivated and additional destinations to be added. In June we plan to launch daily flights to and from London Heathrow. We will also resume or increase passenger flights for several major markets, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and India.”


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