Carlos Carvalhal ends his successful cycle at Sporting de Braga after signing another memorable season

Carlos Carvalhal ends his successful cycle at Sporting de Braga after signing another memorable season

mehe Portuguese coach Carlos Carvalhal brought to an end this Monday his successful cycle at Sporting de Braga, one of the best teams in the competition since his arrival in the Primeira Liga two years ago. At the head of the team, Carvalhal won the Portuguese Cup in 2021, a competition in which he also played the final this year, and was also a finalist in the Portuguese League Cup, beyond qualifying the team for the quarterfinals of the this edition of the Europa League and to classify these two campaigns among the first in the local tournament.

In this way, the Portuguese coach Carlos Carvalhal brilliantly ends his second season at the helm of SC Braga, thus consolidating himself as one of the coaches of the moment due to his particular style and merits garnered. In his year of consolidation at the helm of the Minho team he has not disappointed either, ending this season with 65 points in the Portuguese League, one point more than last season; in fourth position behind

He has beaten Porto, Sporting and Benfica

In addition, among the multitude of milestones achieved throughout this campaign, the following stand out: being the first coach in Portugal to beat Porto this season, breaking his streak of 58 games without losing in the League; to be the only one that has also beaten Sporting and Benfica, managing to beat the three big teams from the Portuguese country; He was named the best coach in the Portuguese league by the professional football coaches and also by the Goal Point portal in April after scoring 13 out of 15 points;

In addition, they have also managed to qualify Sporting Braga for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League as the revelation team, being the youngest team and the one that attacked the most in said competition; he has managed to keep a clean sheet for 23 games and has given 17 academy players the opportunity to debut in the two campaigns at the helm of the team, turning the club into a factory of young talent.

But it is not the first great campaign that he has led the team from his city and from all his life, since last year he managed to lift the title of the Portuguese Cup after beating Benfica and reached the final of the Portuguese Cup. League. For his part, in the Europa League he reached the round of 16 where he was eliminated by Roma.

“When we arrived, we set high, demanding goals. We managed to win the Taa de Portugal, we even played two finals in a row, we gave the alternative to players and focused on training, we played in the Europa League… and we met our goals. bottom line, we reached a point where we are all satisfied. These years were, both for my coaching staff and for me, of growth. It made us better and it was fantastic. Achieving all this in the club of my heart was something that marks me absolutely for the rest of my life”, he commented on his last day as coach of Braga. “We want to thank all the work he has done, they were two fantastic years with a lot of work, momentum and level. We wish him the best of luck in his career, and we congratulate him for what he has given the club over the years”, the president added. of Braga, Antonio Salvador.

The Portuguese coach, who finished his contract with SC Braga this season and previously entered British football as head of the Sheffield Wednesday and Swansea benches, has once again aroused an admiration that crosses borders. The newspaper L’Equipe has come to say of him this season that “he perfectly embodies the novel and ambitious football paradigm”


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