Cantinflas: This was the SECRET that he took to the grave

Cantinflas: This was the SECRET that he took to the grave

Mario Morenobest known for his character ‘Cantinflas‘, was the most recognized comedian and actor of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, because thanks to his work he managed to debut in Hollywood and gain prestige in the industry. Despite being in the middle for a long time, the histrion hid a secret, which he never revealed and took to his grave.

The also known as ‘The Mime of Mexico‘ began his artistic life in the so-called tents, where he developed until he was discovered by Santiago Reachi Fayad, businessman and owner of POSA, who invited him to participate in his projects. In 1936 the actor made his debut in the film ‘Don’t be fooled heart’however, it was ‘There’s the detail‘ of 1940, the tape that made him famous and that placed him in the taste of the public and directors of the time.

‘The Atomic Firefighter‘, ‘Up and Down’, ‘Patrolman 777’, ‘The Ilalphabet’ and ‘Around the world in eighty days’ – film for which he won a Golden Globe-, are some of the more than 50 films he starred in and produced. In 1980, the actor retired after recording ‘the street sweeperand remained away from the stage until the day of his death on April 20, 1993. The comedian suffered a heart attack due to a lung cancer that he suffered for a few years, so he never revealed the secret that he kept his entire career.

Cantinflas died on April 20, 1993 Photo: Special

What was the secret of Cantinflas?

In addition to their secret loves, for although he only had one wife, valentinaivanova, It is said that he was with other women, Cantinflas hid one of the greatest mysteries of his career: how and what his stage name meant, since on several occasions he was questioned about it, but he always limited himself to telling an anecdote of the day he came up with that pseudonym that would mark his career.

“It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when he was born Cantinflas. But I know that he was born with me, although it was until many years later that took shape“, the artist himself told ABC years before he died. In addition, he said that he took that nickname so his parents wouldn’t recognize him: “They had made great sacrifices to send me to school, but I had run away and was a singer and dancer in a tent,” he said.

“I went out on stage one night and suddenly I felt the full impact of fear. I was paralyzed. Then Cantinflas He took my place and started talking. She spoke… frantically, tangled, meaningless, nonsense, nonsense, confusing, incoherent words. Anything before showing fear “, he recounted as the beginning of that character that led him to stardom.

What does cantinflas mean?

Although Mario Moreno never wanted to reveal the origin of his name, some anecdotes, including that of Carlos Monsivais, indicate that the time he started to say incoherencies on stage, one of the assistants yelled “Chow much do you inflate” or “in the canteen you inflate”so he used the contraction to create his stage name: Cantinflas.

However, his nephew Xavier MorenoHe indicated that this story was created by the people, which is why Mario Moreno was very funny to him. “The truth of the nickname or nickname or rather the name of the character that he created, only he knew and took it to the grave,” said his relative.

Meanwhile, the actor and comedian is the only one who gave rise to a verb that is used colloquially in Mexico:sing“, which according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the action of speaking or acting in a crazy and incongruous way and without saying anything of substance.


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