Can Podemos or the hoteliers win? | Hotel News

 Can Podemos or the hoteliers win?  |  Hotel News

The radical left, barely a year before the regional elections, has signed an agreement with the hoteliers of the Balearic Islands on the Tourism Law that the region’s Government intends to approve. It goes without saying that Podemos and hoteliers are water and oil: there is no way that we can find a point in common between them.

If there has been an agreement, who do you think has given in? Have the hoteliers stopped defending their interests, which are purely economic, or, on the contrary, have Podemos and their colleagues sheathed their demands in order to present a moderate image that corners the Popular Party, today in opposition in the Balearic Islands?

I would never have the slightest doubt: hoteliers never give up defending their interests, rain or shine. And even more so when they count on the fact that this left will continue in power for ever and ever.

What interests are we talking about?

It is an old question: what to do with the obsolete offer. We are talking about hotels that today cannot be maintained in the market. They are one or two star establishments, small in size, usually very well located, but completely outdated. They have been amortized for more than forty years. Some have been the machines that have oiled economic empires. But today they have nothing to do, especially since hundreds of thousands of new places have just been incorporated in the Balearic Islands, marketable through platforms such as AirBnb, and which are scattered throughout the territory.

The agreement between the left that governs (the PSOE, more moderate, and Més and Podemos, with worse forms, more strident, but just as lambs) consists in allowing these hotels to be recycled for other uses. Obviously, they are owned by hoteliers who even now will return to profit from these properties.

Politicians sell that they are withdrawing accommodation places (when they finish allowing the thousands and thousands of AirBnb) and that they are doing a social work because those flats will go to the most disadvantaged social segments.

The latter will be seen, but what is clear is that hotels out of use will be able to change their use, which is an achievement for their owners. And all happy.


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