Can I travel to other countries if I have the Sputnik-V vaccine?

La vacuna Sputnik V no ha sido aprobada por la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS). (Foto: Archivo/Soy502)

The Sputnik V vaccine has not been approved by the World Health Organization. For this reason, Guatemalans with this drug cannot travel to the United States, the European Union and other destinations, unless they prove that they received reinforcement from another biological.

IN CONTEXT: People vaccinated with “Sputnik V” will be eligible for a fourth dose

In order to travel to the United States and countries of the European Union, to name a few, among the entry requirements it is detailed that travelers have a complete schedule (two doses) of vaccines against Covid-19 from brands: Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or Aztra Zeneca.

In this sense, Guatemalans vaccinated with Sputnik-V can travel, but they must verify that they received a third and fourth dose of the authorized brands.

the fourth dose

The Ministry of Health and Social Assistance has not enabled the fourth dose for the entire population, so far it is only for people over 50 years of age or those who suffer from chronic diseases or immunosuppression. However, as of April 8, Health applied an exception for those who need to travel.

To receive the fourth dose, the interested party must go to a Vaccination Center, present their Personal Identification Document, valid passport and the original air ticket. In addition to reading and signing a consent.

The Health authorities also recommend that the traveler verify the entry requirements and the times indicated between doses in the country of destination to avoid inconveniences.

Measurement not guaranteed

Although the Ministry of Health enabled this alternative, a Travel Agency consulted for this note confirmed that it is not a guaranteed measure, since it will depend on the entry requirements of the countries and the airlines.

The adviser who answered the call explained that not all Vaccination Centers are applying the fourth dose for travelers and there is no accurate information on where to go. “It’s about taking risks and looking for the dose with a ticket in hand, that’s how some clients have done,” she said.

Separately, users have shared their experience on social networks, stating that only some airlines accept the Sputnik + Pfizer / Moderna / Aztra Zeneca scheme, and in other cases they have had to travel to El Salvador to complete the scheme and have a travel card. Vaccination only with biologics approved by the WHO.

Comment from a Facebook user, refers to how he managed to travel with Sputnik’s scheme. (Photo: Screenshot, Facebook group: I got your vaccine against Covid-19 Guatemala)

An airline that offers trips to the United States and European countries was also consulted and it indicated that it is possible to travel with two vaccines other than Sputnik-V to the United States. But, the main recommendation is that, prior to acquiring air tickets, consult about the entry requirements of the countries to visit.



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