Can I travel if I have a sick leave? Social Security makes it clear

 Can I travel if I have a sick leave?  Social Security makes it clear

At some point in our working lives, an illness or injury may lead us to request temporary disability leave. In that case, the worker would be unable to carry out his professional task. Although it may be unknown to most, that state supposes a series of obligations and rights for the person who benefits from this aid.

It is normal for the professional to have doubts regarding this issue. As far as possible, he tries to lead as normal a life as possible, as long as the problem that motivates his disqualification allows him to do so. Among the questions that always generate a lot of controversy in this regard there is the possibility of going on a trip. Are there any regulations that prevent it? Can we be penalized in any way for going to another place for a while?

It must be said that Spanish legislation does not have any rule that prohibits moving to another place while on sick leave. Of course, from the Social Security they launch a warning in that sense. When the worker behaves fraudulently or abandons the treatment of doctors without a clear reason is exposed to losing the subsidy. Therefore, we must be very careful in this regard if we do not want to get scared.

Move around without problems despite being off work

In principle, there would be no inconvenience to travel while on sick leave. However, each person must be able to analyze the convenience of doing so based on their condition and the ailments that they may have. In the event that you are very ill or have serious mobility problems, obviously it would not be the most recommended. That would be an indication that in reality it is not as serious as it might seem.

Another very different case may be in the case of workers who cannot go to their position for reasons of depression or anxiety. Taking a trip or a getaway could be understood as something very beneficial for your situation. However, it is not the same for those who have some type of disability or problem moving around. These types of activities are not exactly recommended.

When the professional is granted medical leave due to disability, it is because a doctor has deemed it appropriate that he or she is not in adequate condition to stay at your place of work for eight hours a day. What is sought is that in that period he recovers from his ailments as soon as possible and for this they will put at his disposal the necessary means, either with drug treatment or rehabilitation.

Be careful to avoid fraudulent cases

It would be convenient not to go anywhere during the travel period. Especially since Social Security could interpret it as a fraudulent episode.
Mapfre professionals explain that the patient has the possibility of moving while on sick leave, but whenever you do it would be at your own riskdy should only be performed when not contraindicated by a physician. So that this trip does not raise suspicions or cause the worker a problem with the public body, it would not hurt to request an authorization from the doctor who controls us and follows our evolution.

Another aspect to take into account and that should not be overlooked is that if we make a trip, the National Institute of Social Security is not obliged to ignore medical appointments during the period in which the patient is absent. In the event of missing any of them, it is not ruled out that they end up denying us that disqualification and forcing us to return to work regardless of our conditions.

It is understood that if the obligation to attend medical consultations is not fulfilled, the right to enjoy this aid is lost. Hence, it is advisable to make the getaway to a place that is not too far away, that is close to our home, and that in the event that we are notified of a review we can approach without any problem as quickly as possible.

Who assumes the salary of the sick worker?

The worker who is on sick leave will have the possibility of obtaining a benefit during the period that he cannot attend his workplace. It is possible that in some cases doubts arise about who is responsible for paying this money, whether the company for which he is hired or Social Security.

First of all, it must be made clear that the same amount is not charged every day, nor is the same payer responsible for this benefit.

In the case of sick leave due to professional contingencies, the aid would be set as follows. The first day he would receive the normal salary from the company, while from the second day he would be 75% of the regulatory base that would be assumed by Social Security.

In the case of sick leave for common contingencies, the first three days nothing is received. From the fourth day to the 15th, 60% of the regulatory base is received, which will be borne by the company. From 16 to 20, the 60% is maintained, but it is covered by Social Security, while from the 21st until the year, 75% of the regulatory base is charged, also the responsibility of Social Security.

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