Camila Sodi and Diego Luna: Wedding, romance and a raw divorce; what happened?

 Camila Sodi and Diego Luna: Wedding, romance and a raw divorce;  what happened?

The Mexican show has had a large number of couples that have marked the public from its inception to its breakups. One of the romances that made fans dream was that of Camila Sodi and Diego LunaMexican actors known nationally and internationally for their mettle and talent.

This couple not only turned heads when they announced that they were together, they also did when shortly after their divorce, scandal and speculation caught up with them both them and the two children they procreated: Fiona and Jerome.

Camila Sodi met Diego Luna in 2007 PHOTO: Special

The beginning: a movie romance

Diego Luna and Camila Sodi took their careers to the top with relative ease during the 2000s. It was not until 2007 that their paths crossed in the film “El buffalo de la noche”, where romance began to flourish. Shortly after the premiere, the couple began to be seen at galas and eventswhich completely lit up the radar of fans and media.

The famous romance soon made the decision to unite their lives and they were married on February 5, 2008 in Los Angeles, Californiawhere a few months later they would become parents.

The life of the couple was very secretive despite the fact that they used to appear in public together. The romance only lasted five yearsbecause from one moment to another, both Sodium and Luna, They made the decision to separate.

Camila Sodi and Diego Luna were married for 5 years PHOTO: EFE

The Raw Divorce: What Was Said?

For sure, none of the actors has revealed the reasons for the separation. Nevertheless, have repeatedly expressed the great support they have with each other, even when one is involved in scandals.

At least that is what happened in September 2021 when Luna was accused, along with Gael García, of receiving funds from the Mexican government. Sodi, when questioned on the subject, she said she was sure that “People know perfectly well what a great person he is” Diego Luna, noted the magazine HELLO. This after more than a decade of their separation.

Despite the years, the actress has been secretive about her breakup. However, she confessed on Aislinn Derbez’s podcast how difficult her separation was for her. “I don’t wish it on anyone (separation), with children… an expectation dies, a social construction of what a family should be dies“, he assured. “Obviously the emotional part hurts, but the structural part hurts a lot, the structures fall down, then to accommodate that again, because socially a family ‘has to be like this’, or a family ‘works this way'”.

Diego Luna, on the other hand, has not spoken badly of the protagonist of Rubí, and the respect between the two has been maintained over the years. Sodi said he was aware that she married very young, but that “The tools that one collects during life are super important to build your version of love”.


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