BOY TOYS: a world for fun | National

 BOY TOYS: a world for fun |  National

Boy Toys is a world for the fun of children who arrive at the factory and with ecstatic eyes find the perfect toy to build a world inhabited only by joy, fantasy and magic.

Three generations making nationally recognized toys

The coincidence between each child and his toy is not accidental, each object, each artifact is for fun and has its own character that only corresponds to a child. Those who manufacture Boy Toys know it, that is why, over the years, they have learned to decipher the peculiar smile of children and know what they want for their toys.

A company with a family tradition.

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Boy Toys is an effort of family tradition that since 1973 gives love to all toys. For more than 45 years it has delivered happiness to children, which has allowed it to consolidate itself as the most important toy factory in Colombia.

It started with little machinery and limited resources. The founder designed small piñateria-type toys such as a set of tools and balls, then continued to make dump trucks, stake cars, tractor trailers, soda cars, among other toys that began to respond to the particular needs in the development and growth of children.

For this 2022, the company has a catalog of more than 200 different references of toys available to children such as slides, kitchens, mountables, vehicles, cars, blocks, children’s desks, among others.

child toys

A journey towards excellence.

Today, after passing rigorous guidelines for quality, service and wellness strategies, Boy Toys has obtained Disney licensing, meaning that Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Princesses and Toy Story are part of the Boy Toys universe of toys. . The brand’s products can be found throughout the country thanks to the network of distributors, its four own points of sale, located in: La Tebaida, Bogotá and Popayán. Also on its website, where it has a large catalog and finally in the most popular Marketplaces in the country.

The Boy Toys operation generates around 300 direct jobs in the national territory. This is a responsible company with the environment and creates happy spaces not only for children and families, but also for those who are part of its work and production team.

child toys

A world to play.

Boy Toys seeks to generate experiences in children and their families; safely exploring and discovering the world around them and building universes with a wide variety of toys is one of the invitations, because Boy Toys is the world of children, the world to play.

And you, have you already found the perfect toy for happiness?


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