Benoit Paire’s day of shame: he loses, he lowers his pants in front of the public and is insulted on social networks

Benoit Paire's day of shame: he loses, he lowers his pants in front of the public and is insulted on social networks

ANDThere are sports figures who never seem to mature, think cold and focus their professional career despite having spectacular talent. It is the case of the dscolo Benoit Paire (France, 1989), who has not been slow to star in a shameful episode on a tennis court. ‘Fighted’ with the public, he decided to lower his pants when leaving the track. And the social networks attacked him, although mostly for reasons unrelated to the fully sporting ones.

Paire was playing his first round match at the Estoril Open, a 250 category tournament. He was up against Korean Kwon, with whom he had lost a week ago. at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell causing the Asian to face the champion of God, Carlos Alcaraz. In the land of Cascais, same resolution. Kwon won the 60th of the lists 6-4 and 7-5.

It was not a normal match, and during it the respectable Portuguese lashed out with a listless Paire. Full of complaints, for example asking for the technology that determines if the point is good or not on numerous occasions. Finished, the central boo the Frenchman. They were not satisfied with Paire and even came to sound insults… Nothing compared to what would happen minutes later.

Far from leaving the track normally, Paire I decided to drop my pants. He showed his underwear, a total lack of respect and education when playing a sport. And I went to his twitter where he uploaded an emoticon of the manga cut. I would quickly delete it.

But not only has he stayed there, because he then began to publish on his social networks that different fans insulted him by direct message. The reason seemed related to betting, since his match against Kwon was well received by those who play their money with tennis. The result is terrible, full of death threats, all kinds of disqualifications… For example, in Spanish they said “If you don’t win this, you’re dead here, you fucking scum, consider yourself dead, we’re going to kill you.” To this, he added: “Does it seem normal to you?”

Others said, “Die. You’re a rookie.” And in different languages, such as French, English or Spanish. An absolute lack of education by so-called sports fans, who decided to charge against the unruly French. Paire denounced him on his Twitter.

Another ‘bad boy’

Paire is not a regular tennis player. On numerous occasions he has shown his disagreement with everything and the talent that he has appears little for what he should. In 2022 has 10 losses in a row and that impressive victory against Dimitrov at the last Australian Open seems to disappear from everyone’s mind.



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