Bel’Veth, the Empress of the Void, the new LoL champion

Bel'Veth, the Empress of the Void, the new LoL champion

The Void returns to the fore in Runeterra with the deployment of Bel’Veth as the new champion LOL in one of the most spectacular cinematics developed by Riot Games, a devious presentation of the empress with a double face from her menacing appearance to her true final face as an elegant beast of destruction capable of defeating any opponent.

The representation of the Void in the lore of League of Legends goes to the next level with Kai’sa and Bel’Veth as the true protagonists of a new chapter focused on presenting the empress as a new selectable character within the next chapter of the setting… even more so knowing that her story is one of the darkest in the match.

«Bel’Veth is like a dark cancer that has spread throughout the core of the Void, which will consume all of Runeterra to re-erect it in its twisted image and likeness.«, thus presents the LOL her new champion from the depths of her universe with a gestation that has been preparing for millennia to reach the world, and now is her time.

Bel’Veth arrives with several transformations as usual in the characters of the Void and will be the 160 champion of the LOLa new jungle AP focused according to the leaks will have a skill kit focused on extra damage on towers, slow, additional speed, possibility of going through walls, displacement underground, attraction to trap enemies and a new way from the ultimate to multiply most of their capabilities.

The LOL take advantage of MSI 2022 again to take advantage of it beyond the competitive one with the introduction of a new champion, although for now we only know part of its history with the new story along with the aforementioned cinematic. The most logical thing is to keep the hype at the top during the next few days and take advantage of another top moment in the competition to show off his kit of skills and his complete gameplay, but for now we have to wait.

In Esports ElDesmarque We’ll tell you all the details about Bel’Veth as soon as Riot Games makes his kit official.


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