Before ‘Doctor Strange’: This Is The Movie That Really Brought Terror To Marvel – CINEMABLEND

Before 'Doctor Strange': This Is The Movie That Really Brought Terror To Marvel - CINEMABLEND

There is someone who got ahead of the sorcerer played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This is ‘Man-Thing’, a superhero created by Stan Lee who had the film version of him in 2005.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It has been presented as the first horror film and contains sequences that could really be in a film of the genre. We owe it to Sam Raimi, the very one behind Infernal possessionEvil Dead in its original title-, which knows perfectly the codes with which to terrify the viewer. However, it is not the first Marvel film to enter this field. before she is Man-Thing. The nature of fearwhich hit theaters in 2005 but you’ve more than likely forgotten about it.

Directed by Brett Leonard Man Thing It is based on the Marvel character of the same name, which was born during the 70s in an attempt by La Casa de las Ideas to approach terror. He is a secondary character of the company, but that does not prevent him from having a good legion of fans. It was introduced in Wild Tales and came to have its own series of comics. Some of the numbers that make it up are considered classic by Marvel fans. He is, therefore, a character that attracts the attention of the most comic fans, but his arrival in the cinema was not the best.

In the year 2000, Marvel Entertainment programmed some 15 films of its characters to be released directly on video, among which was Man Thingbut after the success of Blade (1998), X Men (2000) and spider-man (2002) decided to continue betting on superheroes and Man-Thing became a theatrical film. However, in the development process they cut their budget, leaving it at around 5-7 million -it is not known for sure- that they gave for what they gave.

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Man-Thing. The nature of fear it is practically a ‘series B’ movie that does not accept that it is and that is where its biggest problem lies. If he had eagerly embraced the wild spirit full of humor of this type of film, perhaps a successful movie would have come out, but what he achieves is a story full of clichés.

Covadonga G. Lahera writes in his review for SensaCinema what “it gets stuck in the most common topics and in the inclusion of stereotypical and unattractive characters who fall to the dripping rhythm. […] The plot of mystery and horror intersects with a couple of layers that force an environmental awareness and another of ethnic tolerance. A few successful visual effects also do not play in favor of the proposal.

And look, the premise was interesting, with an attractive Marvel character and a synopsis that could have gone a long way. Man Thing It is set in a quiet city where an oil tycoon with great economic ambitions arrives. His interest is a sacred lake from which he wants to extract black gold, but the only thing he achieves is to awaken a mystical monster that had been dormant for millennia. If you want to see it, it is available on Filmin.

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