Barnett: “Bale is leaving Madrid and his future… depends on Wales”

Barnett: "Bale se va del Madrid y su futuro... depende de Gales"

Bale has 45 days left to be a Real Madrid player. It was an open secret and has been confirmed as such: He will cease to be a Real Madrid player on June 30, at the end of his contract. It has been asserted forcefully by the one who is his agent, Jonathan Barnett. “Gareth is leaving Real Madrid, but as for his future… it will depend on what Wales does. If he qualifies for the World Cup, we will make a decision; if not, it may vary”has acknowledged in statements to Record. The key day, therefore, will be the Sunday June 5: when Wales will play the play-off final to be in Qatar 2022.


will do before Ukraine or Scotlanda crossing postponed by the start of the war and set for June 1. The winner -it will be a single match in Glasgow- will play the evening that will define the future of Bale. This will be played in Cardiff and will also be a single match. It reads between the lines that if Wales get the place, Bale will look for a good team to arrive at the World Cup in November-December with rhythm. On the other hand, if Wales are eliminated, the option will be open for him to retire… or sign for a minor league team.

Barnett He has shown an iron hand against critics of Bale during these years. A month ago, when asked about four sportssaid: “If the fans had transmitted affection to him, everything would have been different. In a few years they will look back and remember the great player who was at Real Madrid and what he did for this club. They will repent. I hope that this season they say goodbye to him as he deserves.”

Jonathan Barnett, Bale’s representative, at his London offices.

By the back door

And the truth is that everything indicates that Barnett’s wishes will not be fulfilled and his departure will be anything but emotional. It already served as an appetizer last April 9thwhen he reappeared at the Bernabéu after months of absence: the public received him with a loud whistle and he began to laugh. Those will be, in fact, his last minutes in white (unless he plays against Betis or the Champions League final). This season he has only played 290 minutes, spread over seven games. And he has scored a goal, against Levante on matchday two (3-3).

Bale, during a concentration with Wales in Tirana (Albania).

Criticism of the World Cup

Barnett, in his words to Record, also lashed out harshly at the decision to hold a world in December: “This is the most ridiculous decision ever made. It’s crazy. We are all used to watching games on weekends during the season and suddenly, November will come and all the leagues will stop.” Finally, when asked if England is the most likely destination for Bale, he said: “I think sobut as I told you, we will have to wait and see if Wales qualify for Qatar 2022 or not.”


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