Ávoris announces to the unions an ERE that will affect Viajes Halcón | Companies

 Ávoris announces to the unions an ERE that will affect Viajes Halcón |  Companies

Ávoris, the largest travel agency in Spain, with 6,000 employees and 1,500 points of salefollows in the footsteps of Viajes El Corte Inglés and announced this morning to the unions its intention to initiate an ERE, which will affect the companies Ávoris Retail Division and Viajes Halcón, the most numerous in terms of employees. The company has announced that the collective dismissal negotiating commission will be constituted on June 1. “It will be, at that moment, when they will communicate their initial intentions to us,” stressed the Professional Travel Union, majority in the company.

Two weeks ago, Ávoris terminated the ERTE for economic, technical, operational and production reasons (Etop), which it launched since the ERTE of force majeure declined, and opted to join the Red Mechanism, the tailor-made suit created by the Executive for travel agencies that had not yet recovered from the crisis caused by the coronavirus. This new system offers Social Security bonuses of 40% to companies, always linked to shares, and maintains 70% of the regulatory base for the worker, in such a way that he will not consume unemployment despite being with the worker for more than six months. job suspended.

During the two years in which he has been in ERTE due to force majeure, Ávoris renounced collecting the bonuses included in this mechanism and had also rejected the deductions included in the Red Mechanism. Union sources point out that the collection of these benefits forced the company not to execute layoffs in the six months after the end of the ERTE. “That did not convince the company, which wanted to have its hands free to slim down the workforce,” they stress.

The transcendental change in the scope of Ávoris occurred with the merger with Globalia, which added more than 3,000 workers to the workforce, of which more than half came from Viajes Halcón. SEPI’s approval of the merger and the subsequent aid of 320 million euros included a review of the geographical location of the 1,500 offices (many of them duplicated and almost door to door) and the consequent adjustment in employment.

The last accounts of Ávoris Corporación Empresarial deposited in the Mercantile Registry, corresponding to 2020, indicated that as of December 31 Ávoris Retail Division participated directly or indirectly in B the Travel Brand, Viajes Catai, BCD Travel Partners, Evelop Airlines and Orbest in Portugal.


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