Aston Martin will bring its improvements for the two pilots

Aston Martin will bring its improvements for the two pilots

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Aston Martin, after scoring points in two consecutive Grand Prix, will continue to update its car at this Spanish Grand Prix. Although they hoped to only be able to introduce the improvements for one of their two pilots, in the end the improvements would be carried by both.

Improvements in the Spanish Grand Prix

Aston Martin scored its first points at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, scoring both Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll. Furthermore, at the Miami Grand Prix the Canadian driver was also able to get into the points.

With these points, the British have only been able to climb to ninth position in the constructors’ championship, ahead of Williams. These are not numbers that Aston Martin would like to have achieved at the start of the season, but they have already made public that their development plan consisted of making improvements every weekend.

In the case of the Spanish Grand Prix, Aston Martin had planned to introduce some very large updates, even talking about a ‘Aston Martin B’. This Aston Martin seemed to be that only Lance Stroll would drive this weekend, but the British have been able to reach the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with the updates in both cars.

Why has Aston Martin taken so long to bring improvements?

Aston Martin has been one of the teams that has been slowest to introduce improvements, which has made them the team that has been slowest to achieve points. Andrew Green, technical director of Aston Martin, has confirmed that they did not know of their problems until they were not on track, due to the change in regulations.

These cars are so different because no one has ever seen a car other than theirs.. There are some similarities between some teams, but the grid shows how many different solutions there were in theory.Green commented.

“We had to choose one based on very little data. It was not possible to probe all the concepts in such a way as to recognize how much potential there is in the individual solutions”continues explaining the Aston Martin.

“You only find out when you decide on a path and then develop it in detail. You cannot switch back and forth between the individual concepts. Otherwise, you would end up nowhere. At some point you have to decide.”.

In addition, the technical director of Aston Martin comments that porpoising has been one of the biggest problems that the British team has suffered. Other teams, due to its design, have not noticed it as much, but this was not the case for them earlier in the season.

“Porpoising held us back. To be honest, it has slowed everyone down, but some teams have not noticed it because of the design of their cars with clearer airflow.Andrew Green concluded.

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