Assembly of Owners will analyze an investment proposal for 1.25 billion dollars

Assembly of Owners will analyze an investment proposal for 1.25 billion dollars

Mikel Arriola confirmed that the formal proposal has already been received from Apollo Global Management

MEXICO — The BBVA MX League received on Wednesday a formal proposal from the investment fund Apollo Global Management to acquire a percentage of the television rights abroad, confirmed this Thursday the president of the League, Mikel Arriola.

During the opening of the Jai-Alai Open Tournament 2022 at the Frontón México, Arriola answered the specific question ESPN about whether the MX League had received the formal offer of this American investment fund, after last Tuesday the media Sports advanced the news.

“Yes, we have received an approach that we are reviewing. Yesterday (Wednesday) that approach arrived, we are going to review it carefully in the numbers and of course we will talk about it in the Owners Assembly next Monday,” he said. Arriola.

“We are in the process of analyzing the proposal and we will determine it in detail. In the Assembly surely the subject will be touched on and a summary of the characteristics of that proposal will be made and we hope that more will come”.

Mikel Arriola did not want to go into detail about the conditions of the proposal for Apollo Global Managementbut according to Sportsis an offer of 1.25 billion dollars (1.25 billion USD) in exchange for 20 percent of the transmission rights of the MX League outside of Mexico for the next 50 years, through TV or any other means of video transmission existing or to exist.

“I think that what is very significant is that they are seeing us from the outside as a consistent League, as a League that generates value, as a League that looks abroad and that a New York fund is interested in investing in the League is a good sign that the League has governance, it has objectives, it has increased in terms of value, income and that this is always reinvested in football and in young people”, added the director.


On the other hand, almost ten years after the creation of the MX League, Mikel Arriola He was proud that the competition already has its own personality and has positioned itself in such a way that it has the capacity to generate a thousand games a year and 2.6 games a day.

“We’re talking about U-13s to U-20s, and she’s No. 10 in value in the world. She’s also No. 6 in attendance and No. 10 in fans. And we’re in a very interesting time right now.” of internationalization, where we are playing with European teams, as well as having a lot of activity in the United States between now and the end of the year and next year. We must not forget that there is expansion and women’s life in there”.

Precisely about the Women’s MX Leagueexplained Mikel Arriola which is number one in social networks, number five in various indicators in average age, while in terms of debuts, “we are less than ten leagues that we play with U-17”.

Likewise, he expressed his appreciation because Karen Díaz was nominated to serve as assistant referee in the World Cup in Qatar: “First, it is an honor for Mexico and then, an honor that women’s arbitration is developing almost, or in the same way as the women’s soccer.”

Similarly, about the nomination of Fernando Guerrero to be in the next World Cup, forming the Mexican referee quintet and to be in charge of the VAR, thus becoming the first Mexican referee to occupy said position since its implementation in international competitions, Mikel Arriola he stated that it is “an award for perseverance”.

-Information from Mac Reséndiz was used in this report


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