Asilvestrats guarantees fun at any celebration with the laser tag

Asilvestrats guarantees fun at any celebration with the laser tag

Asilvestrats guarantees fun at any celebration with the laser tag

In any type of party, fun must be guaranteed, as they are occasions to socialize, talk and spend a pleasant moment worth remembering.

Catalonia is a land of great celebrations, among which the town festivals stand out.

Laser tag is a combat simulation sports game that is gaining more and more followers.

Implementing this fun game in the major festivals of the different municipalities that make up the entire territory could be a very successful option to ensure fun in the celebrations. Asilvestrats is a company dedicated to offering this service. It is a healthy recreation and for all ages.

A versatile game for all ages

Technology has meant that both children and adults spend many hours in front of screens, such as mobile phones, tablets or computers. Implement laser tag as a game for all ages, not only It implies getting out of this monotony Y breath pure airbut also activates optimal brain areas for the healthy development of oneself, while reinforces social and teamwork skills. this game is versatilesince it can be held both at small birthday parties, as well as at large business events or celebrations organized by town councils to commemorate municipal festivities.

Laser tag is a game that adapts to any space, it is electronically controlled, no chance of cheating. People of all ages and impacts can participate they do not stain clothes or cause any pain, so there is no special clothing requirement to play it.

Asilvestrats also offers training for laser tag competitions and tournaments.

Accessible prices and promotions for entities and municipalities

The experience of this laser combat gives added value to any festivity, since it integrates different groups and generations under the same objective. There are various strategies ranging from the elimination of the enemy squad to the mission by captain.

Asilvestrats takes care of supply all implements for the game to take place in the space designed for it. Their prices are accessible and have a special cost for municipalities and entities. Choosing this game is a convenient, timely and profitable decision.

Anyone interested in hiring the laser tag services offered by Asilvestrats can contact them through their website, by email,, or by phone. They are located at Carrer Parpers s/n – 08521, Les Franqueses del Vallès, Barcelona.


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