Arsenal vs. Manchester United – Match Report – 23 April, 2022

 Arsenal vs.  Manchester United - Match Report - 23 April, 2022

With four games ahead, United is six points away from the Champions League, which right now marks Arsenal at 60 units with one game less than the ‘Red Devils’

(EFE) – Cristiano Ronaldo’s hopes of being in the Champions League next season they are getting smaller. His team, a malnourished Manchester United, has almost impossible European competition after losing to Arsenal on the Emirates in a master class of Martin Odegaard and an afternoon to forget Bruno Fernandes (3-1).

The Norwegian led the triumph of those from Mikel Arteta in a game that had everything from controversial decisions by the VARdisallowed goals, two penalties -one missed by Fernandes-, the usual goal from Christiancentenary with the United, two clubs and a chance carousel. Only in the first part there were 22 shots, a record for this season in the league.

It was gathered that the Arsenal It is one of the funniest teams in the premier league, while United is one of the biggest disasters in the championship. East harry maguirethreatened by his hobby this week, or not. Ralf Rannick He decided to leave him on the bench this time, but that did not improve a defense that is an endemic catastrophe.

In the first ball hanging to the area they failed in a chain Varane and Telles, both unable to clear. I arrive sakaoutlined inside and took a shot with a thread that stopped in a sensational way De Gea. But Dalot did not arrive in time to cover Tavareswho pushed the 1-0 at will.

The United, like all year, tried to cover the hole in defense through attack, with the tactic of hitting more than the rival. Cristiano Ronaldo, applauded by the Emirates for the loss of his son, was the channeler, the man who connected in the middle and distributed. A function that he fulfills perfectly, but that takes him away from the area. The three clear ones who followed up on Tavares they had them Elanga Y Brunoand none went inside.

The Arsenal appeared to lightning, which tipped a Odegaard Very inspired on the front. The Norwegian enjoyed a few brilliant minutes, crowned with a spectacular heel strike so that De Gea stop to Nketiah 2-0 and with a leaked ball that this time did end in a goal. controversially, because Odegaard leaked the ball to Saka, who was brought down by Tellesbut could leave it to Nketiah for him to define. However the VAR canceled the goal for offside and gave a penalty in favor of Arsenal by the push of saka. The striker himself did not fail from eleven meters, forgetting his ghosts of the European Championship final.

With everything in the face for Arsenal, Cristiano had to appear. Matic’s measured center and shot by the Portuguese in front of the ‘Gunner’ defense. His 100th Premier League goal with the Unitedbeing the fourth player to achieve it, along with Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.

when he didn’t show up Christian It was at the crucial moment of the second half. Penalty in favor of United for the hand of Tavares in a corner and the ball took it Bruno Fernandes, who kicked the penalty to the post. It is not the first time this season that while Cristiano is on the field, Fernandes shoots, and it is not the first time that he fails.

The mistake did not discourage United, who saw a goal disallowed Christian for millimetric offside and a stick of Diogo Dalot before the 3-1 fell, caused by another failure of Fernandes. The Portuguese lost the ball in front of his area and Xhaka attacked with an impossible shoe to De Gaia.

The hopes of United turning the marker around vanished. Bruno Fernandes he almost went to the street for a great template that was punished with yellow, since Christian He had no choice but to lower his head and accept that this team does not give for more.

With four games to go, the United is six points behind Championswhich right now marks the 60 units Arsenal with one game less than the ‘Red Devils’.


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