Andreu Cardona considers that “the trip of six people is totally justified”

Andreu Cardona considers that

The Councilor for Culture in the City Council of Ciutadella, Andreu Cardona, considers “very daring” and very little solid the criticism of the municipal group of Citizens, in relation to the trip that two councilors and four technicians from various areas to the Meeting of Educating Cities held in Victoria, in March. The mayor considers the displacement “fully justified” and values ​​that “before talking about waste, you have to know what it has cost, but also what benefits it will bring.”

Citizens took to the plenary yesterday the trip of the Ciutadellenca delegation, for which they consider unjustified that there were six people. For Cardona, this “was justified”, because “the congress dealt with issues from different areas, education, social services, youth, culture, sports, and it was important to know everything that the rest of the participating cities could contribute”.

Moreover, “everything we saw there will be translated into policies on childhood and adolescence”, within the framework of the table created in Ciutadella at the end of 2021. “We have been able to see many experiences, which we can apply here”. For example, “we have a project of safe school routes, and it has been very interesting to know that in other places they have seen that in the case of children with autism, certain signs represent difficulties for them, and we would not have thought of that”.

On the other hand, “that they criticize us for not having made any presentation in Vitoria of what we do in Ciutadella does not make much sense either”. because, Cardona points out, “we could explain programs like ‘Obrim portes’ or ‘Teatre a les escoles’, but that would add up for the other cities, not for us”. On the other hand, “if we go as listeners, everything is for our benefit; the important thing was to get ideas».


During his speech at the plenary session, Cardona announced that “we have decided that we will prepare a document with all the conclusions and everything that our attendance at the congress will have served for.”


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