And the Capital of Rural Tourism 2022 is…

And the Capital of Rural Tourism 2022 is...

Cazorla is the new Capital of Rural Tourism 2022. The city of Jaen takes on the Cadiz municipality of Olvera in this project launched by Country Getaway in 2017 and which aims to give visibility to municipalities that are committed to quality rural tourism.

Its people, its historical heritage, its natural spaces… are some of the reasons why Cazorla has won this title. We talk about largest and most important municipality in the Sierra de Cazorla region.

In the city rises yedra castle, located in the lower part of the Salvatierra hill, on the Cerezuelo river. It is a construction that dates back to the Berber era. From his enclave, 831 meters of altitude Above sea level, you can see the city of Cazorla and its surroundings.

Its traditional homes and stately homes are another of its attractions, along with the Castillo de las Cinco Esquinas, the Town Hall, the Plaza de Santa María, the Church of S. Francisco, the Church of S. José and the House of the Seven Fountains.

The ruins of Santa Maria They are among the most special in the municipality. Its style is Renaissance and very possibly its author is Andres de Vandelvira, since many of its elements can be recognized in well-known temples of its authorship located in Úbeda. The doorway of the façade that faces Calle de la Hoz is an almost exact replica of the one that can be admired in the Church of San Miguel in Jaén.

Cazorla is the gateway to the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park, the largest protected area in Spain, the second in Europe and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1983. The park has valleys, coves, cliffs, mountains and plateaus of great hydrological importance (due to the large number of rivers and streams that flow from it), botany ( with a multitude of endemic species, such as the black pine, the Aleppo pine or the black pine), fauna-hunting and landscape.

The most beautiful forests of Cazorla

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