Ancelotti and Valverde press conference before Manchester City-Real Madrid: Champions League semifinals

Ancelotti and Valverde press conference before Manchester City-Real Madrid: Champions League semifinals

By Jorge C. Picon – Real Madrid finalizes the details of the duel against Manchester City. Some of them will be analyzed by Federico Valverde and Carlo Ancelotti in the press conference prior to the matchto be held in the press room of the stadium citizen, the Etihan Stadium. Player and coach will face each other after leaving the league for sentence last week and hours before a key duel in the fight for the maximum continental title.

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Fede Valverde, representative of the squad before the press, has increased his specific weight in the team. His presence in the eleven is beyond any doubt due to his physical capacity, energy to defend and attack and intensity in each of his actions. He has finished convincing the Italian that, although he has more offensive options like Rodrygo or Asensio, he seems to have chosen to reinforce the midfielder with ‘Pajarito’.

Faith Valverde

Tomorrow’s match. “The head plays an important role. The nerves and the heart play a lot. You have to play with maximum dedication, concentrated at all times”

multipurpose. “I always try to give everything to the team, where I can give my best. In the middle is where I feel most comfortable. Contributing my energy. Sometimes that on the wing is hidden a bit, but I always try to contribute my grain of sand”.

comebacks. “We are prepared for everyone. In Paris it cost us a lot and in the return leg, with the support, we reversed the situation. With Chelsea it was different. In the first leg we did a good job and then we had to suffer. I hope we will be more consistent”

Season personally. “One always learns, day by day. And more with the teammates and in the club where I am. At first everything was favorable. Then I lost my place in the eleven and hit a downturn. I had an injury and had to suffer. But I worked a lot to be able to recover my place. I try to feed it with dedication so as not to lose it anymore”

Young people in the team. “If we’re at Madrid it’s because we’re prepared to face any situation, even when it’s not that good. In addition to energy, we bring a lot of character. We have to feed on those who have more experience and learn every day”.

Guardiola style. “He, who is the Manchester coach, would have to say it. We have to win every game representing the colors of Madrid. They are very hard-working and whether one or the other likes it, those are opinions…”

Manchester City. “It’s a great team. They’ve been working together for many years and that raises a very great dynamic. They know the positions, the unchecks, the movements to steal the ball… We have to be prepared to reverse those qualities”.

Odegaard. “Each one looks for what he wants and fights for what he wants. He is a great player and a great person. He has all the qualities to succeed.”

History of Madrid. “It’s heavy. But we youngsters are prepared to face every moment. When you put on the Real Madrid shirt you want to fight for everything until the last minute. You’re always the favourite”

Carlo Ancelotti

Tomorrow’s match. “You have to play it well. It’s going to be a more open tie. You have to play 180 minutes. There’s a mix of happiness for being close to the final of the most important competition and the concern of playing against a strong team. This Champions League we’ve had very tough matches. The favourites, and we came out well. We will fight”-

injured. “Mendy is fine. With Alaba there are doubts and more with Casemiro. If Casemiro doesn’t play tomorrow, he will play the next game”.

Pressure. “We’re not thinking about what’s going to happen on Saturday. We have the league very close and we’ll try to win it on Saturday. On the other hand, we come to this game with great enthusiasm. There’s a good atmosphere because the players want to play these games. For me This work is very simple. We work on the strategy, but I don’t have to tell you much. This year’s work has been simple”.

three strikers. “We’re not going to kill off the tie tomorrow. I’m not sure whether to play with two strikers or three. I have to take everyone into account for this decision. Players like Rodrygo have contributed a lot of energy”.

competing in Europe. “I remember what was said. Public opinion thought that we were not going to make it, like Villarreal. But we are very happy to be here. Madrid is going to compete tomorrow, and next week. 100%”.

Pressure in the City. “For Madrid it is not usually a success to reach the semi-final, but for us it is to reach the final. It is the objective. If we reach it, we have more options to win it”

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Responsibility for history. “History in this competition counts a lot for us, not so much for the rivals. What has happened in history helps the players to know that they have that positive responsibility.”

Athletic approach. “The block, if you don’t have a compact team, you’re going to suffer. Defensive work is an important part of the game. There are times when they have the ball and you can’t watch what they do. When you win the ball, you have to take advantage of the quality we have”.

Why has he returned to Madrid? “Because I needed a coach. It was a great illusion to come back. It wasn’t my decision. They had confidence and I’m enjoying it”



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