an unexpected rise starting week almost up to $4000

an unexpected rise starting week almost up to $4000

With an unexpected balance, both for analysts and investors, the price of the dollar in Colombia closed the day on Monday, April 25, with an escalation in which it gained more than 100 pesos, surpassing the barrier of 3,900 pesos.

According to the Colombian Stock Exchange, this currency was quoted at its last price at 3,936 pesos and 50 cents, 117 pesos more than at the close of the day last Friday, when it closed at 3,819 pesos.

From the opening price, about 3,895 pesos, the US currency warned that it would not be a day like the most recent in the market, reaching a maximum of 3,959.67 and a minimum of 3,875 pesos with 67 cents.

The The average price of the dollar throughout this Monday, April 25, was 3,932 pesos and 62 cents. A value that it had throughout almost the entire day, breaking all the forecasts that indicated that it would remain below 3,800.

Last week, a study by the Foundation for Higher Education and Development (Fedesarrollo) revealed that in terms of the dollar, analysts expect the Representative Market Rate to be between $3,750 and $3,800 for April, with $3,769 as the median response. Likewise, they foresee a TRM of $3,800 as of December 2022.

Nevertheless, since last Friday this currency began to show signs of an increase in its price, closing the week above the 3,800 barrier and now starting this week above 3,900, in a clear sign of reactions to the Fed’s announcements on interest rates in the United States.

The price of the dollar in the country has had some changes in recent days due to the fact that the central banks have been adjusting their monetary policies after the beginning of the war in Ukrainian territory.

In additionwhat happened undoubtedly strengthens the theory that March and April were months of hard declines and now increases in the price of this currency in Colombia, waiting for what happens in the coming days in this matter.

The current political situation in Colombia, according to some economic experts, is also affecting the value of the US currency, since investors prefer to be cautious and wait for the name of the new President of the Republic to be known.

World markets do not lift their heads because of China and the Fed

Global markets are trading at a loss this Monday on expectations of a change in monetary policy in the United States and fears about the health situation in China, where anticovid restrictions threaten economic growth.

Chinese stocks traded in the red: the Shanghai Composite Index lost 5.13%; the second Chinese stock market, Shenzhen, fell 6.48%, and Hong Kong 3.73%.

In Europe, the stock markets ignored the re-election of French President Emmanuel Macron, which had already been anticipated by the markets, and registered losses due to fears that the Federal Reserve in the United States will tighten economic policy and due to concerns about the covid situation. in China.

at half day, the Paris stock market had a decline of 2.10%, Frankfurt of 1.46%, Milan also recorded losses of 1.48%, London 1.99% and Madrid 0.22%. Wall Street is also expected to pull back, with futures contracts for all three major indices down around 0.70%.

Oil was also not immune to market trends since the barrel of Brent from the North Sea with delivery in June fell 4.17% to 102.20 dollars and the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) US barrel for the same month fell 4.11% to 97.88 dollars.


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