An influencer took advantage of a travel agency’s mistake and bought tickets to the World Cup for 150 pesos!

Un influencer aprovechór el error de una agencia de viajes y compró pasajes al Mundial ¡por 150 pesos!

One of the lucky ones was the Argentine influencer Martin “Chapu” Martinezremembered for his chant of “bring me the cup, Messi”, who bought four round trip tickets to Qatar for only $150 (less than $40 per ticket) and is looking forward to going to the 2022 World Cup.

We received the confirmation of the reservation from the company, the confirmation from the airline, the boarding pass and we have the debit made in home banking”told in an interview with C5N. However, he revealed that a few hours later he received an email from the company in which they informed him that the reservation had been cancelled.


What can happen to the users who bought those tickets

“Published offer, respected offer”It is the motto upheld by users who bought trips at unusual prices. However, some specialists argue that the company can allege that the error is notorious and, in this way, cancel the trips.

The story of the Argentine influencer “Chapu” Martínez, who bought tickets to Qatar for $150

In 2018, the US airline United Airlines put tickets up for sale at unusual prices. Shortly after many accessed those tickets to Australia, the company announced the cancellation of all reservations made.

“Due to an error, we briefly offered the wrong fare for flights from Santiago to Sydney. The bug was quickly identified and corrected. We apologize for this. We have canceled all reservations made under these erroneous rates and will provide a full refund to all customers. We are working to prevent this from happening again,” the company said at the time.

However, in 2021 the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber condemned the airline United Airlines to compensate consumers for having canceled the tickets corresponding to three international flights that, by mistake, he offered at less than 1% of their real value.

The measure ordered the United Airlines company to pay three Argentine passengers – who filed the lawsuit – a sum equivalent to the money needed to purchase new similar tickets in terms of time of year, class and section for the route between Santiago de Chile and Sydney, Australia.


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