Amusement parks have already lost half of their summer sales | ECONOMY

 Amusement parks have already lost half of their summer sales |  ECONOMY

Despite the fact that the country’s entertainment centers can already attend with 100% capacity, and hold events, it is expected that the sector this year will not register growth in its sales compared to 2021, and would move 55% of the commercialization again pre-pandemic, estimated the Peruvian Association of Amusement Parks in the country (Asppa).

“We have already lost half of the sales of January and February, which weigh around 35% of the annual sales, due to the restrictions that occurred in those months, capacity, curfew, and not allowing events to take place,” said the president of the Asppa, Cecilia Chávez.

He noted that from this month until July or August the sector will not have a 100% capacity, since it faces a low season in public influx, due to the start of school classes and the expenses of “back to school”.


Cecilia Chávez highlighted that corporate events, which represent 30% of its annual sales, are booked mainly in the first two months of the year, and this has not happened. “Since these first months of the year, Christmas events are sold; of schools, among others. This constitutes an advance sale that has not happened, and that will be difficult to make in the following months, ”she said.

And although they anticipate that there will be demand for birthdays, after the school year is over, the realization of this type of celebration only represents around 5% of the annual turnover of the sector, he said.

It is due to this situation that it is estimated that in the first quarter of the year the entertainment centers located inside malls will reach 65% of sales for the same period in 2019, and those outside malls will reach 55%.


Due to the fact that the entertainment centers do not foresee registering growth in sales this year, for the third year they will not be able to reinvest in new games or attractions, said the president of the Asppa.

It should be noted that around 20% of profits are allocated to reinvestment. “This year it was already expected to reinvest, but due to the situation it will not be done either. This is worrying, because if new games are not bought, demand decreases, it can even go bankrupt, ”he pointed out.


  • Bills. Reopening costs per location are about US$10,000, considering the purchase of supplies, hiring of personnel, and others.
  • Guild. They make up the Asppa La Granja Villa, Diverland, Chuck E. Cheese, Happyland, Diverticenter, Fantasy Park, Cosmic Bowling, Small Place, Magic Land, and Coney Park.



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