American visa without interview: what to do

American visa without interview: what to do

The modifications to make applications for the American visa were announced. The U.S. Embassy in Colombia announced that the flaws on its website were overcome and applicants who meet the conditions to applyr without an interview you can already make an appointment.

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After the different inconveniences, from the consulate they said: “We had some technical problems with our appointment system, however, we are happy to announce that we have solved the problems and everyone who qualifies for the visa process without an interview can now request an appointment to leave your passport with us to process the order”.

The requests for under 14 years old, over 79 and those people who need to renew their visa who are current or that there is expired in the last 48 monthsthey can do the process no interview required. The only condition is to leave the documentation at the embassy.

For people traveling to the United States for business, tourism or medical treatment, the process requires a type B1 or B2 visa. Regarding this, the Vice Consul reported on the news.

The official pointed out that there are ample possibilities to apply for the visa: “Right now we are processing visas without interviews for almost all visa classes, including the B1 and B2 visas, the one for tourism and business trips to the USA

“Sometimes there are appointments available and I think that people who are waiting for appointments should check our page to see if we have included more appointments,” said the official.

To learn about the procedures and the application process, those interested should be aware of the news and developments published through the embassy portal.

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The official stressed that visa priority is for categories F, M, J, H, L, P, O; which are assigned to workers, students, artists, athletes, among others.



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