America rules out Federico Viñas’ fracture

America rules out Federico Viñas' fracture

The Uruguayan attacker Federico Viñas received a strong blow from Emanuel Gularte in the first half and when he was checked, América ruled out a fracture.

The America ruled out a fracture of the Uruguayan striker Federico Vinaswho was injured in the first leg of the quarterfinals against Puebla and was subjected to studies during the early hours of this Thursday.

The feathered team ruled out any fracture in the player’s foot or ankle, he was able to know ESPNalthough some crack is still being evaluated.

The Uruguayan attacker received a strong blow from Emmanuel Gularte In the first half and when he was checked, it was decided that he had to be sutured and transferred directly to Mexico City, to be checked immediately, to rule out a fracture and on Thursday to begin his recovery.

Initially, it was considered that he was taken to a hospital near the Cuauhtemoc Stadiumbut America rejected that possibility and decided to take him straight to the Mexico City. At the edge of midnight, Federico Vinas He appeared in a private hospital south of Mexico City, leaning on crutches and wearing an orthopedic boot, for further studies and to rule out a possible fracture. Viñas had regained ownership with Ferdinand Ortiz, after suffering from COVID 19 and losing confidence in the Santiago Solari stage. started against Puebla and left exchange for Henry Martin.

The ‘Tano Ortiz battled with injuries in the first half, since in addition to vineyardsthe Paraguayan also had to leave the exchange Richard Sanchez.

Instead of the Paraguayan Richard Sanchez I enter Peter Aquinaswho is also recovering from an injury.

The ‘Tano’ Ortiz will wait to see if his players recover for the second leg that will be played in the Aztec stadium.



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