Alma Huerta García, expression and fun through artistic makeup

Alma Huerta García, expression and fun through artistic makeup

Alma Huerta Garciafirst semester student Bachelor of Science in Human Nutritionis not only interested in the world of health, she also enjoys recreational activities in the field of makeup, which for her is a form of artistic and personal expression. He put this interest to work during the pandemic when he and a friend started a blog called Three Nine Vlogs on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.with the aim of creating entertainment content, makeup and some academic subjects.

Since she was a child, makeup caught her attention as a way for people to express their emotions. At that age, she was experimenting for fun by outlining magazines and watching tutorials.

At the moment, He likes to practice different techniques such as shadows, outlines and painting the whole face, for which he uses an adhesive pencil to cover the eyebrows and be able to paint them on top. She likes to try different ranges and brands to see which products are best for specific techniques.

For her personal projects, Alma makes tutorials and uploads photos of her work to social networks. She takes inspiration from trends and seasonal events like Day of the Dead and Halloweenas well as movies like The Corpse Bride or horror movies with spectacular makeup.

The student believes that This form of artistic expression is very personal, so it deserves to be respected just like the clothing and tastes of each person. For this reason, it invites the student community to normalize the use of makeup in any person and not necessarily see it as a feminine practice.

On the other hand, he considered that food is much more than a biological process, it is something that is part of the cultural fabric that is immersed in society. Mexico is one of the countries with the highest rates of obesity in the world, so its intention is to understand the clinical aspect of nutrition to spread it at a social level and thus improve nutrition in our country. “I really like everything social, political and economic, and also the scientific and clinical approach to food. Combining both things I love ”, he affirmed.

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