Albert of Monaco takes the twins to Disneyland Paris without Charlene

Albert of Monaco takes the twins to Disneyland Paris without Charlene

The sovereign has traveled with his children Jacques and Gabriella to spend a few days of vacation marked once again by the mysterious absence of the princess

Once again, Alberto de Mónaco stars in a picture in which his wife Charlene is missing. The sovereign has taken his children for a few days on vacation to Disneyland Parisa destination that they have already visited as a family on more than one occasion and that in this case is marked by the conspicuous absence of the princess.

The journey to this magical place it is a super plan for Jacques and Gabriella which, however, puts Charlene de Monaco once again in the spotlight. More these days in which a possible economic agreement has been leaked by which the princess will only attend some public events while living away from the Principality and her children, specifically in Switzerland, as reported by the French magazine Voici .

Disney Land Paris

Although the South African has been present at two sports events In recent weeks -the Principality Formula E championship and the Santa Devota rugby tournament-, he has not accompanied Alberto and the twins to this getaway in which their children have been able to meet their favorite characters: Mickey and Minnie.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the theme park, Disneyland Paris has distributed two images of the twins (one of them with her father) in which they pose very smiling in front of the princesses’ castle. In them, in addition to hugging the characters, they wear very sporty outfits, with trainers and, in the case of Gabriella, some glasses that we had not seen before.

Alberto, Charlene, Jacques and Gabriella from Monaco

It was in March 2019 when the whole family visited Mickey and Minnie and he posed exactly in the same place where the twins have now posed with their father. Charlene then did so wearing cute ears and a matching themed shirt, happy to share this experience with her little ones. For this same reason, her decision not to have come now is very mysterious, since it is a personal vacation that she would have nothing to do with the supposed contract that he has signed for his institutional agenda in the Principality.


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