After 30 years, the passenger train will return to Laboulaye and Mackenna in June

After 30 years, the passenger train will return to Laboulaye and Mackenna in June

This was confirmed to Puntal by Enrique Fernández, general secretary of the Justo Daract Railway Union. “The date has yet to be confirmed, but the trip will take place in June. The train will leave Retiro, as it usually does on Fridays, then it will go to Rufino, which arrives on Saturday, later it will go to Laboulaye, then to the Mackenna station and will arrive at Justo Daratc to leave again from here on Sunday. , he claimed.

The railway assured that as soon as the novelty of the return of the train was known, “an immense expectation was generated by the people, not only in Córdoba but also in San Luis.” “Everyone is still very nostalgic and wanted the railway to become a reality again. We have worked many years for this return and we are already very close, “he said.

In this sense, he stated that this transport represents significant economic savings for users since the ticket “costs between 50 and 60 percent less than other means, such as the bus.” “It is a very good service and at a low cost. The cars are really very comfortable,” he said.

“Everyone wanted this return, even the mayors of the area, such as Mackenna (Roberto Casari) have collaborated so that this can be possible. The train brings progress and development, and it is essential that it once again has the importance of connecting the country as it once did,” Fernández stressed.

In reference to the route of the test trip that was postponed to next month, he indicated that “the idea is that if everything works as it should and there is no problem, it will automatically start carrying passengers.”

Previously, Martín Marinucci, president of Argentine Trains Operations, said that repairs were made in the sections of the track infrastructure between Laboulaye and Justo Daract, necessary to give more security to railway traffic.

In turn, he explained that “the next step will be to start working to re-unite the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with the Province of Mendoza. We are working very hard on enhancing the value of the stations.”


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